Hostess hits a Homerun?

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Today 04/06/15 is opening day for the MLB. Many Brands have incorporated this into their posts for today but none stood out like Hostess.   Initially it seems like someone really goofed up and got their sports mixed up. That could have been the case or it could have been a very well planned out… Read more »

New Content Strategy for 2015

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Over the past few months, we have been developing a new content strategy that we are finally excited to share with you! As many of you may know, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn has been throttling the amount of organic reach a business’s post receives for months now. Slowly it has become worse and worse…. Read more »

Making your Online Marketing Work Offline

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With my job, I have been lucky enough to have opportunity to run hundreds of social media campaigns for hundreds of small to mid-size businesses. In my experience, 90% of the time the client is incredibly happy and that satisfaction level automatically jumps up to 100% if the client’s business is entirely ecommerce. After conducting… Read more »

How to Build A Pinterest Ad

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We were lucky enough to gain access to the Pinterest Advertising and let me tell you. I am absolutely blown away by how well it works. In terms of advertising on social media, Facebook has been king. Pinterest can’t top Facebook’s advertising system but it is a very close second. The reason Pinterest advertising is… Read more »

Please Do Not Buy Fake Likes

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Here at Social Vantage the question of how to properly obtain Facebook likes pops up from time to time. We wanted to explain the proper process for obtaining these Facebook likes and truly growing your page. You may have come across some different sites that offer to grow your page by 500 – 1000 Facebook… Read more »

How to Connect with us on Facebook

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Step 1. Click Settings at the top of your Business Page   Step 2. Click “Page Roles”   Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and select “Respond To Request”         Step 4: Approve us by selecting “Give Social Vantage access to my page.”     Step 5: Finalize the approval by selecting “Approve Request.”  … Read more »

How to connect with us on Google+

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Step 1. Go to your Business Page and Click My Business then Click Settings       Step 2. Click Managers       Step 3: Click Add Managers       Step 4: Invite to become a manager