We were lucky enough to gain access to the Pinterest Advertising and let me tell you. I am absolutely blown away by how well it works. In terms of advertising on social media, Facebook has been king. Pinterest can’t top Facebook’s advertising system but it is a very close second. The reason Pinterest advertising is so effective is due to the fact that it is keyword based and you only pay per click. You will see examples later in post.

Alright let’s show you how to build an AD on Pinterest.

First step is finding the pin you want to promote


You want to pick a pin that looks nice and that you know people will click and repin. One easy way of finding a good pin is using Pinterest’s built in analytics dashboard. As you can see below it will show your pins with the most impressions and repins. You want to choose one that already has a lot of organic repins as they have the best chance of performing well when you promote it. 2015-01-22 14-07-13


Next Step is targeting and choosing your keywords. You want to pick words that are very closely related to the pin, words that you know people will be searching for to find your picture. In this case we are using keywords for autism.



As you can see Pinterest will show you how many impressions you will probably get a week. The more impressions the better but remember you only want to show the pin to a relevant audience so don’t just add any keywords.

Next Step is your setting up your bidding price. This is how much you will pay with each click. The nice thing about Pinterest is you only pay for clicks and nothing else. As a result of being promoted the amount of repins will increase dramatically. This is great because you don’t pay for repins or clicks on repins, just clicks directly on the promoted pin.


We have found that a range from $0.30 – $0.50 is a good starting point. After the campaign runs you will be able to see the average cost and use that data to get a more accurate price on the minimum you can pay.

You also can input the end date, destination url and your daily budget. We found that $5 was a good budget to start with. You can always change this depending on how successful your campaign is.

And that is it. Once you have filled everything out you hit promote and wait for the pin to be accepted. Once it is you can monitor how well it is performing. The beauty of Pinterest’s advertising dashboard is that it will show you the data for each keyword you used and how they compare to each other. For anyone who likes data, this is a gold mine. You can see an example below.

targeting data

As you can see setting up a Pinterest campaign is not that difficult. If you have access to Pinterest advertising and need some help, get in contact with us.We can work with you to run a successful Pinterest advertising campaign.


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