Here at Social Vantage the question of how to properly obtain Facebook likes pops up from time to time. We wanted to explain the proper process for obtaining these Facebook likes and truly growing your page.

You may have come across some different sites that offer to grow your page by 500 – 1000 Facebook likes for $10

Examples of what these sites or ads might look like below: 2015-01-12 14-46-56

Another Example:


You might be thinking, why wouldn’t I take an offer like this? It is so cheap and I get so many followers. The problem with this method, is that yes the number of likes goes up but these are not targeted. The results of these type of offers bring fake accounts to your page which ends up hurting your reach and greatly affects your page performance.


To show you an example of the results of buying fake likes  look below. 2015-01-12 14-56-37


As you can see the majority of likes are from Egypt. This would be great if your account is based in Egypt. That is usually not the case though. Furthermore all these new page likes most likely will not interact with any of the content that is posted.

Facebook organic reach is about 2% of the number of people who like your page. If you have fake likes then there is a much higher chance that your posts aren’t reaching the right people thus destroying any chance you have of engagement.

In conclusion, please do not buy these Facebook likes. It makes our job harder and only hurts you in the long run. Especially because there is no way to remove these likes.

If you have any questions feel free to let us know!


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