Over the past few months, we have been developing a new content strategy that we are finally excited to share with you! As many of you may know, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn has been throttling the amount of organic reach a business’s post receives for months now. Slowly it has become worse and worse. Most businesses and social media marketers believe this is a bad thing and in fact, it definitely IS a bad thing for the companies that do not have a good strategy in place, which is about 90% of the businesses marketing on social media today. The good news is that our new strategy is going to benefit you immensely. We are taking full advantage of this new “reach problem” by taking it from being a “problem” to actually making it benefit your business greatly.

A year or two ago, the general idea for daily social media posts was quantity over quality, but we are now shifting that content strategy. The quality of posts is now much more important than how many posts you put out each day. In the past, you would see businesses posting 5 – 10 times a day to try and catch an audience’s attention. The social media channels saw this and changed their algorithm. Now only 1 – 2 posts will show up in your fan’s newsfeeds if you are lucky. Even if you post 2 – 4 times a day, it is still hard to get 1 of those posts into the newsfeed, especially if you aren’t boosting or “promoting” the posts with advertising dollars. After months of research and testing with both our own business and a few clients who took part in the trial, we knew we had to make this change and we are ready to launch.

We are excited to begin using the new content strategy solution that we know everyone will not only benefit from, but also place them ahead of 80% of their competition on their social media channels. One high quality well thought out post a day that is promoted using our included advertising budget. Now you might be wondering, what is the benefit of dropping my posts to 1 a day? We realized that growing our client’s social media channels with targeted “fans” and “followers” is more important than the content we are putting out daily. Currently, the content is what we have been focusing and spending the most time on each day for you. With this new strategy, we are now shifting the majority of our effort and attention to growing out your social media channels with the people who are most likely to buy your product or service.

At this point in time, all of our clients receive 2 posts a day equating to 60 posts a month with about 1/3 of them being engaging, 1/3 educational and 1/3 being self-promotional. In November, Facebook released this article that stated that they would begin reducing the number of “self promoted” posts in the newsfeed. As with many Facebook updates, we took note and made sure to be less self-promotional with our posting strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are all working on their algorithms to decrease the reach on recycled content (content used more than once) and self-promotional content.

So let’s look at this now. You have 60 posts and 1/3 are self promotional, that means there are 20 posts that Facebook might penalize you for in the future. The question is why do people continue to post them? Instead of waiting to be penalized we are taking a proactive approach. We are taking self-promotional posts out as much as possible, which leaves you with 40 posts a month.

Now let’s talk about the other 2/3 of content. We have found that the educational articles are a mixture of your company’s blog posts and industry news. When we post industry news, we are taking articles from third party sites, which is great for showing your fans and followers that you are involved with the current events going on in your industry. The problem is that in most cases, your company isn’t affiliated with the news site, so if they do click on your post, they aren’t going to your website. If we took about half of those articles away from the 1/3 educational content, you are left with about 10 posts to be used as educational. It would be even less if your company does not have it’s own blog.

In conclusion, that leaves us with about 30 posts in all a month ranging from educational, engaging and a few self- promotional. This is great, because it gives us the ability to “boost” / promote the majority of all the posts on your page with advertising dollars. Facebook and the other social media channels have become more increasingly “pay to play,” so we are taking the proactive approach and making sure you are feeding the social channels advertising dollars to make sure your page’s performance is at top notch. The best aspect of this strategy is that there will be no increase in price for your plan. The end result is going to be fantastic, the majority of your posts are being “boosted” with advertising dollars, so they will likely outperform ALL of your competitors posts because we are paying to boost the content. We can almost guarantee you that 90% of your competitors will be taking the old approach, which keeps their social channels stagnant and does nothing for their growth.

Feel free to take a look at a normal post example vs a boosted post example below! We have also provided the boosted post results.


About Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper is the co-founder and CEO of Social Vantage, a prominent social media management agency based out of Philadelphia, PA. Over the last three years, Grant and his team have worked with hundreds of businesses across six continents, created thousands of campaigns and generated well over 100,000 leads for businesses through social media marketing. Grant is a passionate hockey fan and a regular attendee at Philadelphia Flyers games.