Today 04/06/15 is opening day for the MLB. Many Brands have incorporated this into their posts for today but none stood out like Hostess.

hostess fail


Initially it seems like someone really goofed up and got their sports mixed up. That could have been the case or it could have been a very well planned out campaign by their marketing team. Let’s dig a little deeper into this and see what we can find.

As you can see the engagement received on this post is quite high in terms of twitter engagement.

Click on the Picture link to see where the current engagement is at:


Now there have been a number of other sites who wrote about the “mistake” Sports illustrated being one of the first as you can see from this twitter conversation 2015-04-06 14-10-21

Sports illustrated wasn’t the only one though, a quick Google news search pulled up all these results.

hostest news

Imagine Hostess had used the word “Homerun” as opposed to “Touchdown” they would most likely not have gotten the amount of engagement they have already received.

It is a bold move for a brand to play but it looks like Hostess did in fact hit a home-run with their opening day tweet. Have you seen any other brands pull a successful stunt like this? If you have please share below!


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