Step 1. Click Settings at the top of your Business Page

Step 1


Step 2. Click “Page Roles”

Step 2


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and select “Respond To Request”






Step 4: Approve us by selecting “Give Social Vantage access to my page.”




Step 5: Finalize the approval by selecting “Approve Request.”




Step 6: Click “Save” and make sure you enter your password to finalize!




If you have any questions about adding us please reach out to your account manager for additional assistance or email




About Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper is the co-founder and CEO of Social Vantage, a prominent social media management agency based out of Philadelphia, PA. Over the last three years, Grant and his team have worked with hundreds of businesses across six continents, created thousands of campaigns and generated well over 100,000 leads for businesses through social media marketing. Grant is a passionate hockey fan and a regular attendee at Philadelphia Flyers games.