While social media management isn’t replacing SEO, the two are becoming intertwined faster than organizations can react. Content, social media, and SEO specialists all have to work closely together to deliver strategic goals. A social media agency can help you redesign a digital marketing strategy that incorporates these tightly interwoven disciplines.


Leveraging Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business

The intrinsic connection between search engines and social media offers a novel approach for a social media management company to leverage both channels to improve your business ranking. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo consider myriad factors when ranking a website to relevant searches. Social media has become a factor to assist search engines better determine the best quality online content that should be ranked during relevant searches. The top four ways to leverage social media and SEO include:

  1. Create engaging and dynamic content. Create quality content on a regular basis that addresses relevant current events and solutions for customers’ issues. Educating and entertaining visitors with appealing content will contribute substantial value when they view, read, or watch content, and may even lead to them sharing it across their social channels. Content-Marketing-Model
  2. Syncing metadata with title tags and meta descriptions. Determining the metadata for each page on your site is crucial because it helps establish how each one is displayed and ranked in the search engines, and across social media when it is shared. The most important metadata to define are title tags and meta descriptions to help identify the purpose of each page.
  3. Link building. Link building is often regarded as the foundation of an SEO strategy because links from third party sites to your website indicate quality and confidence. Multiple links from a mixture of relevant sites are better when it comes to competitive niche ranking.
  4. The rising importance of Google+. Try to incorporate keywords naturally that define your business when setting up your Google+ page. Once it is setup, consistently post engaging, quality content in the form of video, photos, and text.


Most customers find preferred vendors and service providers due to a combination of these strategies. When you align your SEO and social media messages, you present a coherent message.


Playing the Leading Role
Social media is quickly taking over the leading role in search engine ranking. Get ahead of optimizing your SEO and social media strategy before Google crawls into your social channel activity any deeper to assess your ranking.

Now it’s your turn! Try incorporating your SEO and Social Media Marketing efforts together.


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