In recent years, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed, and the current number of users worldwide is estimated to be around 1.28 billion. The social media app is a space not only to connect and share your life with other users but also to market products and raise awareness regarding social matters.

When used correctly, Instagram ads can help boost a business’s success by targeting its diverse audience open to new ideas and devices. If you’re unsure how to use Instagram ads for social media campaigns, we’ll provide tips on how to use them to your advantage.

Utilize the Zoom Feature

Every time Instagram adds a new feature to its platform, it is an opportunity for brands to explore how creative they can be. They can use it to find more innovative ways to make their ads stand out in the swarm of traditional, pushy ads set out by their competitors.

With Instagram’s Zoom feature, users can zoom into pictures and videos alike by pinching the screen. Not long after its introduction, various brands started experimenting with the option, playing around with slow-motion and filters, and advertising content by uploading multiple stories on their Instagram feed.

You can enhance user engagement with the zoom feature by including hidden phrases or ‘easter eggs’ in your photos that can blow up on the audience’s screens. This way, you will spark interest with interactive content that your viewers will stop to look at when scrolling through their timelines.

Organic Content

If you want to gain more followers and keep your current ones engaged, you shouldn’t be putting out ads that look like ads. Rather than forcing product promotion onto your users, you should utilize a more natural method.

Try to add real people and experiences into your videos and pictures as they are much more relatable and eye-catching. Ensuring your audience doesn’t feel like you’re always trying to sell something is essential to your brand’s prosperity. You need to plan your ads carefully by selecting a theme and creating high-value posts. Alternatively, you can hire a social media management team for this process to plan out marketing strategies for you, analyze your user engagement and demographics, and run your campaigns.

Video Promotion

Instagram is no longer just an app showcasing a never-ending stream of static images; it’s a great place to promote videos too. Videos are a good way of grabbing and retaining your followers’ attention as they tell better stories.

Video sharing gained immense traction when Instagram first introduced it. In general, videos have an online usage reach of over 90%. Advertising your product through them is more likely to get you a product purchase. Pairing this with a call-to-action button will further boost your sales.

You can find numerous, easy-to-use tools online to help you create videos of excellent quality. Platforms offering such tools will also have comprehensive lists of predetermined templates that you can utilize for your advertisement campaigns.


As everything shifts online, brand marketing through social media apps has become common. Audiences can be challenging to manage, requiring you to constantly think outside the box and be on top of the latest marketing dynamics to promote your business successfully. Make sure you consider the trends we listed above to elevate your next Instagram advertising campaign.

Building an Instagram ad campaign can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not well-versed in all the features and tools the app has to offer. However, with proper research and guidance, you can become an expert in no time.

Featured Image by Unsplash