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Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform with over one billion monthly active users. With so much potential for sales on one simple platform, it’s only natural to want to explore your options around growth.

However, not everyone knows where to begin. If you’re ready to capitalize on social media and put your business in the spotlight, here are some of the many things a social media management company can do for you.

Identify the Best Posting Times

An Instagram growth service through a reputable social media management company can do more than simply grow your audience. They can help you work out the best times to post for better levels of engagement.

While there are several tools to assist in identifying when your audience is most active, most brands notice more engagement on weekday mornings and early afternoons.

Alongside getting the timing right, it’s also paramount to focus on consistency. The more quality content you post, the more chances you have to reach your preferred audience.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

What works for someone else’s business may not work for yours. One of the many reasons why people hire social media management companies is to benefit from their expertise in researching your business, developing a marketing strategy, and preparing suitable campaigns.

Without understanding your audience or having any idea about their preferences, you’re unlikely to provide consistent posts that engage with them and lead to brand recognition and sales.

Create Engagement Opportunities

You may already know how to create posts for your Instagram followers, but creating engaging posts can often require the expertise of social media marketing gurus. After all, there can be more to Instagram success than just posting photos.

An Instagram growth service can work magic with your photo captions to ensure they offer plenty of opportunities for engagement. These can include requests to tag friends, recommendation requests, personal stories, and more. Humor is also an excellent way to ensure your posts are seen.

Promote Instagram Elsewhere

It’s only natural to try and grow your social media following on the platform itself. However, Instagram is just one of the places you can market your business page.

Take advantage of the following and growth you have on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also include links to your social media pages on your website and through email marketing.

Learn New Features

Social media platforms are changing all the time, which means there are always new features to take advantage of. While you can explore these features on your own, social media companies typically have already learned all about them.

They can use the most fitting new features for your business based on their research, such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and IGTV. However, you can also keep up to date with new features to try on the official Instagram blog.

Trying to grow your Instagram page can be hard work, particularly as you’re also trying to manage your daily operations at the same time. Enjoy as much engagement and growth as possible by aligning yourself with a company specializing in marketing strategies and techniques. Before long, you may be enjoying unparalleled growth that you never thought was achievable.