Managing several Facebook pages and ad accounts can be a pain, but Facebook’s new management tool, business manager, can change that!

It’s time to separate your personal Facebook profile and business Facebook profile. By using Facebook business manager you can gain access to pages and ad accounts without being friends with your co-workers, clients or partners on Facebook. This is ideal for companies who need to provide different permissions to multiple people.

If you’re an advertiser on Facebook sharing access to multiple pages and ad accounts with other people, we highly suggest you shift into Facebook business manager. Not only is Facebook business manager a more secure method to managing pages and ad accounts, but you can see who is working on what and determine their level of access within business manager.


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Manage all the ad accounts, pages and people you work with in ONE place!

With business manager you have the ability to see which pages and accounts have been assigned to any individual or all of those who work on a specific page or ad account.

Want to see which pages and ad accounts are assigned to an individual? Click “People” and select the name of any person to see what assets they have access to.

Want to see everyone who has access to a certain page? Click “Pages” and search/select the page to see each person and their level of access.

This is also the same process to see those who have access to ad accounts.


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Gaining access to Facebook pages just got easier!

You can send requests to work on Facebook pages with the specific level of access you need within business manager! Your client/partner will receive a notification of your request and have the ability to accept it with the click of a button in their business manager.

Click “Pages” select “Add New Page” and enter the URL of the Facebook page you would like to work on. After you enter the page URL you will then select the necessary level of access and your request will be on its way!


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Facebook Business Manager is for you!

If you are a business owner using Facebook, freelance social media manager or a marketing agency with many clients, Facebook business manager is for you and will change your entire work flow for Facebook page / Facebook ad account management.

Do yourself a favor and set up business manager by heading over to

Are you currently using Facebook business manager? Tell me what you like / don’t like about it right now and how you are currently using it I would love to hear about it!


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