Facebook and Google both are internet giants and they have created a huge ground for advertising. They both have their individual advertising model. The advertisers often find it difficult to decide, which one is a better advertising platform. Both are primarily Pay Per Click advertising channels and can be really cheap if you know the right technique of using it. Both of them have a massive potential audience. Both of their paid advertising models offer free online marketing tools like, Facebook Fan Pages and Google+ Business Pages. Even though these marketing tools are free of cost, they are quite effective in promoting business. Let us consider certain benefits of both the platforms.

Benefits of Google Adwords:

Measurable marketing operation: One can measure every single aspect of the marketing operations. One can easily keep an account of the number of clicks, number of conversions, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click, etc. Thus, you can easily measure their return on investment. Your metrics will be easily improved if your team optimizes your marketing operations on a regular basis.

Ads are organized on the basis of relevance: Google aims to present the most accurate results in response to the search queries. Whenever, keywords are put in the Google search engine, an ad auction takes place. This ad auction helps to list the ads on the basis of their relevance based on the keywords. In order to determine the ad rank CTR is also considered.

Targeting on the basis of location: It allows the advertisers to choose particular geographic locations where it can be shown. It also helps to target people who are viewing pages about your chosen location even if they are physically not present in that location.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

Creative control: Facebook allows you to be more creative and lets you change your image every week. You can easily change your image with little effort. It is a great display platform for social media advertising.

A/B testing facility: With the help of A/B testing, one can test the effectiveness of his ads and can make changes to improve them. The advertiser will be able to carry on the A/B tests through the new split ad testing tool which can be found in the Power Editor. Thus, one can choose the most effective ads.

Improve the reach of video: Facebook advertising features already know what the users like and dislike. As Facebook has millions of daily active users, it is likely to improve the targeting of Facebook video ads. Thus, it increases the potential reach of the video ads.

Facebook Insights: It helps advertisers to understand how well people are connecting with your pages and ads. One can easily keep a track on the page performance metrics, engagement metrics, impression of your page, audience demographic, the reach of your ads, etc. These Facebook insights help you to plan your advertisement strategies.

Why Facebook Advertising is better than Google Adwords?

However, advertisers often find it difficult to decide that which one is a better option. Both Google and Facebook has the ability to choose through geographic demographies. So, it needs to be figured out which platform allows to advertise at minimum cost with maximum return on investment.

The problem with Google is that, advertisers will be able to reach out their clients only if the users search with certain keywords. Even if your ad matches to the keywords, you cannot be sure that your ad will appear somewhere at the top of the first page results. There remains a high chance that your ad appears in the fifth or sixth page, which hardly gets viewed. Another problem is you cannot specifically target your potential customer. Even if a user views your ad, there is no way that you will get to identify that person or reach out to him.

In Facebook one can carry out a target marketing. Advertisers can create advertising campaigns specifically for people of a certain age group living in a certain geographic area, who will have a higher chance of liking a particular product. Thus, it will help to reach out to that specific group of people and create brand awareness. Interested customers can come to the brand page and interact with the brand representatives to know more about the products and services.

Thus, Facebook can be considered to be more targeted and thus you can get better returns on your investment.


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