For many years, LinkedIn was considered to be a platform for those seeking jobs, but there’s so much more you can accomplish using this channel, be it building connections or raising awareness for your brand. It is unsurprising that entrepreneurs are increasingly leveraging it for their digital marketing strategies.

LinkedIn has been increasingly gaining popularity as a business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing tool, paving the path for a business’s success. Navigating the details and workings of LinkedIn from a marketing platform lens can take some time to get used to. Read on for tips to help you connect with people and promote your company’s growth through LinkedIn.

Use Your Custom URL

When using the custom URL option available on the site, you should make sure to include your professional name or your company’s name. This is vital for professionals in the B2B sector who communicate with various potential clients.

This is important because most individuals tend to research the product or service they are interested in buying or sponsoring online before initiating any sort of contact. When you claim your custom URL, the chances of your LinkedIn profile appearing at the top of a search engine’s results increase significantly, and you start catching the eye of a larger audience.

Become an Active Part of Groups

It’s always a good idea to become a part of a community that aligns with your target demographic. It’s a great listening and sharing space to become aware of what it is that your audience wants or what latest trend is taking the world by storm. This way, you can upgrade your product or service accordingly and even expand your marketplace.

Another advantage of joining groups is that you can message group members even if you haven’t connected with them and easily establish potential client relationships, saving you money to invest in other aspects of your business.

Pay Attention to Your Company Page

As your brand goes through transitions, so should your company’s profile page. This up-to-date, constant presence will make your brand stand out and attract viewers. The theme of your page, including the visuals, content, and colors, should align with your website and any other existing social media profiles you use so that your vision for your business can stand out.

An active brand image and a ‘happening’ business imply that your company page is updated regularly. Don’t be that brand whose social media profile we’ve all visited to explore, only to find that it hasn’t been upgraded in months. It’s better to have no social media presence at all than one that is created but never maintained.


When used correctly, LinkedIn can open a door of opportunities for the prosperity of your business and is an ideal place for B2B marketing. You need to strategize on how to use this platform for marketing purposes; otherwise, it’ll be just another social media platform where networking becomes time-consuming.

Don’t be afraid to put your brand out there, form partnerships, and help consumers understand what your business is really about. If you feel like you don’t have what it takes to be an active member of the LinkedIn community, you can hire a social media management company to take this burden off your shoulders.

Featured Image by Unsplash