Instagram ads are a wonderful way to redefine your content while delivering it to your target audience. However, getting a social media user to stop scrolling and check your ad is no simple task.

You should start by analyzing what other leading companies have been doing and taking notes. This is the proven way to produce compelling and click-worthy Instagram advertisements. While your content should be tailored to your company and target demographic, getting inspired by others is never a bad idea.

Sponsored Ads

This is a feature offered to company accounts on Instagram that allows them to promote existing content via sponsored advertisements. These advertisements appear in the home feed of the intended audience, with a link to a webpage or the brand’s account. This allows brands to market their products directly to the target demographic, increasing their reach and following.

Paid advertisements are also an excellent method to promote any competitions or giveaways that the business would want more people to participate in.

Guided Ads

This type of advertisement hasn’t been utilized by many businesses, but Mercedes used it to provide their viewers the choice of “customizing your own automobile.” This essentially utilizes the tagging feature to lead the audience from one page to the next based on the customization options they choose. The final outcome is an image of the vehicle they should choose depending on their choices, and they can then contact Mercedes immediately to continue the conversation.

Story Ads

Story advertisements usually show when a user is moving between the content of two separate accounts. For accounts with large followings, advertisements provide a “swipe up” alternative that takes you back to the company’s page or homepage. This is an excellent method of directing people to a brand’s page and information.

Carousel Ads

Carousel advertisements are a good option if uploading just one photo or video is not going to be enough. This type of Instagram advertisement allows users to swipe between three to four pictures of elaborate ads while remaining engaged on the same post for a longer period of time.  If a multi-image post is marketed, carousel advertisements can also be paid ads.

Video Ads

Since the viewing rate of video advertising is significantly greater than that of other mediums, many businesses today produce video ads specifically for digital platforms. Instagram only permits 30 to 60 second clips, so companies must adjust their media content and either publish comprehensive commercials or previews to the real ad (which can take them to another platform like YouTube).

To become a pro at Instagram marketing, you have to take the time to understand the types of ads and their performance. When you launch a campaign for your company, you’ll quickly discover how Instagram marketing can help you locate relevant consumers, and increase your revenue.

Featured Image by Unsplash