You might already be using social media to promote your brand, whether it’s a local gym, a yoga center, or just a personal training business, but there’s always room to grow. Chances are, your brand is already on several various social media channels, but is your strategy working? Do you stand out from other competition? Is your gym unique? If you’re having trouble answering those questions, maybe these four tips can help you not only expand your marketing, but also generate leads, and even grow your business. Even if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already, you’re going to need to market what you’ve got!


More Reps, More Success


Social Media is exactly like exercise; if you don’t repeat the right actions consistently, you will not grow as a brand. Your brand has to be consistent, posting content your audience wants to see. Posting content such as workout plans, exercise tips and tricks, and even diet plans. Make sure this content is fresh, as no one likes to see older material. Make sure to engage with your audience, by replying to their concerns and answering their questions. The best way to grow your community is to involve it, and make it feel like a part of your brand.


Flaunt It!


Everybody searches a gym before they visit it, to see if it’s a good environment for them to grow and work out. So… show it off! Does your gym have other amenities that most gyms don’t offer such as a massage parlor, smoothie bar, or a sauna? Post these pictures and explain your services, nobody wants to miss out on the awesome services you have. If you can, produce short videos on how to use the equipment and proper form, so that when people walk in, they can get the most of their workout.


Know Your Neighborhood


Unless you’re a large chain, the idea of marketing your gym on social media is a scary thought. However, social media can be used to your advantage. Sign your gym up for a Yelp! and Google Local, so that it can be easily searched. Targeting your audience on Facebook as well can prove fruitful to expanding your reach in the local area, before they even step into a gym. If your business stands out on the internet, people will have a reason to show up to work out.


Blog With Confidence


Blogging may seem like an uphill task, but so much like exercise, you have to go into it with the right mindset. Creating a blog with meaningful content will help you connect with people who share the same values and priorities. The whole point of blogging is to establish your brand as an industry standard, providing your opinion, insight, and most importantly, your experience. Setting up a blog is easy, platforms such as WordPress have made it incredibly easy to setup and maintain a professional-looking blog, all you have to do is provide the content. It’s important to spread the link to each one of your blog posts across your various networks, but also imperative that your post be meaningful, as this will drive engagement.


Much like the first few days of a new intense workout, social media may have you exhausted and sore, but after a while of doing the right things, you will see gains. Even after a while, it becomes easy and maybe a little fun!


Are you doing something similar or completely different that is working for your business? Let us know, we would love to discuss your strategy or even help you if you aren’t performing to expectation. Leave a comment or send us a tweet @socialvantageco!



About Charles Stewart

Charles F Stewart is a Community Manager at Social Vantage. He works with a variety of clients, ranging from a local car wash to various real estate interests across the country. He loves the challenge of working with a variety of clients and uses his creativity to help develop new strategies and content for them. Charles recently graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, and enjoys foreign cinema, soccer, and a cold lager.