Case Study – Orangetheory Fitness

About Orangetheory Fitness: Orangetheory Fitness is a health club franchise that offers one-of-a-kind workouts broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training.


Orangetheory Fitness Corporate contacted Social Vantage in regards to social media marketing for multiple franchise locations across the United States. Their main goal was to drive more leads and ultimately increase sales at a few specific locations. Before working with Social Vantage, Orangetheory Fitness was not utilizing Facebook advertising to drive targeted, location based traffic to increase lead generation and brand exposure in their local areas. The team at Social Vantage implemented an extensive Facebook advertising strategy that began to capture high quality leads non-stop for Orangetheory Fitness.

287 leads In 30 Days For ONE Orangetheory Fitness Location – $2,686 In Monthly Recurring Revenue


Orangetheory Fitness’ main goal was to drive high quality leads to their business that would ultimately sign-up for a monthly plan. First, our team came together to brainstorm campaign ideas that we could present to Orangetheory Fitness. These campaign ideas would essentially be the incentive we would use to get people “in the door” for Orangetheory Fitness. After talking with our client, we decided to move forward with a “Free Trial” offer that they loved. We displayed this on the landing page we developed and also included it in the Facebook Ad Copy. The results were phenomenal.

Landing Page Design & Development

Facebook Mobile Advertising Push

We split tested Facebook Desktop Ads against Mobile ads. The audience responded much better to our mobile ads, so we moved forward primarily with mobile ads.


The results for Orangetheory Fitness were fantastic. Within one month (30 days) of working with Orangetheory Fitness, we captured them 287 high quality leads through our advertising funnel. At the end of the month we asked Orangetheory Fitness how many of the 287 leads converted to sales. They reported to us that out of the 287 leads 34 people decided to move forward for a total of $2,686.00 recurring monthly revenue.