Running a successful business entails taking care of numerous operational details and available resources to ensure your product or service emerges attractive in the market. In the time of digital technology, running social media accounts is of the utmost advantage for companies. However, most entrepreneurs struggle with this concept as they’re unable to allot enough time and money to this task, losing engagement, leads, and traffic. That’s where social media agencies come in. 

Whether you’ve been building your social media agency for a while or you’re a startup, securing a reliable client pool should be at the top of your priorities. If you wish to work with quality clients, you must adopt certain strategies that make you stand out among business owners. Keep reading as we look at a few ways you can achieve this. 

Work with Other Agencies

The digital marketing industry is collaborative, consisting of various agencies specializing in different creative outlets. You can bring in more clients by working with an agency that doesn’t provide the exact services in your niche but rather complements it. It’s essential to consider who your ideal clients can be and the kind of services they’d want. 

Their requirements can include services that you don’t offer. Suppose you’re a social media management agency and your customer also needs a website to be developed or SEO resources. In that case, you can reach out to a partner agency that offers expertise in these areas. 

You should set a target number of organizations to contact every week providing related services and determine if they’re the right fit for you. Suggest connecting through a Zoom meeting or a coffee meeting where you can get all the information regarding their vision and work. If their work is authentic and exhibits excellent quality, you can even agree to help each other with referrals. 

Use Your Personal Network

If you’re new to the corporate sector, there’s no better way to promote your company than through word of mouth. Let your friends and family know you’ve launched your own social media agency and would appreciate it if they helped you circulate the news.

One way you can execute this is by adding the email addresses, job titles, phone numbers, and workplaces of your ten closest contacts to a spreadsheet. Follow this by sharing your socials and website links with them through email, including an explanation of the services you offer and how you aim to solve problems potential clients might face. Then conclude the email by politely asking them for recommendations from their network. Even if you obtain two or three names from each contact, it’s a solid start in attaining clients. 

Go Through Fiverr or Upwork

Fiverr and Upwork are swarming with endless job opportunities you can apply for on their digital platforms. You can create an agency account on their sites and look for clients in need of a social media management company. In contrast, when your own workload increases, you can use Fiverr or Upwork to hire freelancers to take some burden off your shoulders.

You can filter job ads by using the available advanced search function to find suitable projects and submit proposals for them. Whether it’s a one-time or ongoing project, such platforms have it all and can help you evolve your client list within a few months. Since these marketplaces are saturated, the best way to make your agency stand out is by optimizing your profile with past referrals, your website’s link, and a professional layout of information regarding your services. 

Conduct a Free Workshop on Social Media

In front of businesses and other potential clients, you want to be seen as an expert in your field. By holding a social media workshop, you can showcase your credibility and leadership skills in the digital marketing space. You can find interested individuals who want to learn social media marketing by looking through forums or groups focused on these topics. Promoting your event on Facebook or Instagram Stories is also recommended. 

Once you conclude the workshop, don’t hesitate to follow up with the attendees by email or phone and get their feedback. Ask them about their biggest takeaways from the workshop and whether following your advice helped. If they haven’t taken action yet, it might be the right time to slip in a conversation about hiring your social media agency to buy them more freedom and time. Don’t forget to record your webinar or workshop so that you can display the content on your company’s blog or social media. 

Build a Strong Business Network

While your online presence holds considerable importance, it can’t substitute going out into the real world and connecting with people. Keep a note of local events initially and attend them to associate with entrepreneurs, social workers, and managers. These events don’t always need to be business-centric and can include educational events, expos, networking events, and trade shows. 

Additionally, networking doesn’t have to be restricted to specifically organized occasions. Strike up conversations with people at your gym or a coffee shop, especially if you live in a small, close-knit community. Once you find your footing in your local business community, reaching out and building a strong network will be easier.  

While attending events, carry a business card engraved with your contact information and links to your website. If you wish to follow the latest trends, you can add a QR code people can scan to access your website immediately. It’s quick and convenient, hinting at the type of working experience you can provide to your clients. When an opportunity arises, refer people to businesses suitable for the job. Somewhere down the road, the favor will be returned with referrals for your agency. You should possess a competitive edge to rise up the corporate ladder, but don’t forget to help other businesses out when you can, and they’ll do the same in your times of need. 


Getting your social media agency to become a hit with the masses won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to put consistent time and effort into your brand for your company to flourish. Still, there’s no doubt that this challenging journey will be worth it. With various social media marketing tools to choose from, you should carefully plan which strategies to execute and earn clients’ trust by maintaining the quality of your services.

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