Written by: Lilianna Ferguson

Social media engagement is a significant metric to put into consideration when constructing an online store. While most need to build their audience’s size, they frequently neglect to expand their social media engagement also. When you involve your followers on social media, you can divert them from fans into clients. The time you give to building relationships with your crowd can prompt a higher number of deals, increment in client loyalty, and higher positive surveys. This article discusses how to boost social media engagement.

  1. Be Sociable 

To boost your social media engagement, you should be social as well. Are you wondering what I mean? Now, this is it! When your followers send you a message or leave a remark on your post, they allow you a chance to converse with them. Irrespective of whether they leave a positive or negative message, you should answer every one of them. You can show thankfulness for positive messages and propose a goal or resolution for the negative ones. Do not forget that whatever you say or do reflects who or what your brand is, and your logo is communicating that as well. You can also encourage your audience to like, leave a comment, and share your posts with their friends by adding a call to action at the end of your post. When you ask your audience to share your post, they are more likely to do it. Keep representing your brand positively, and if you do not have a logo yet, LogoCreator is a free resource tool available to help you out.

  1. Post Quality Contents

Do you want to increase your social media engagement?. Then, you do need to create contents that can draw in your audience. It very well may be a survey on Twitter; a video people can identify with, graphics that can crack people up, motivate or enlighten them, or a product photograph that urges your audience to tag their friends. Make decisions to post substances that will get a positive response from individuals. Is your post about something excellent, intriguing, entertaining, or can be related with? Pick a content that will drive a passionate reaction from individuals, and avoid those that can get them angry at your brand or turn their backs against you. You can get free high-resolution images that relate to your product from Unsplash and Pexels

  1. Post on different occasions Daily

To build social media engagement, you will need to post routinely on your pages. 2-3 posts for every social media account every day will boost your audience engagement. However, if you post excessively, this may disturb or annoy your audience, which you do not want as it can bring about your unfollowing.  Additionally, you need to post at the best periods. Averagely, the best time to post on social media platforms that will achieve more social media engagements is between 1-3 pm.

  1. Do Giveaways and Online Contests

Running giveaways and online contests is one of the simplest ways to expand your social media engagement to run challenges and giveaways. You can request that your audience do some certain activities, such as visiting a greeting page on your site (that you can, of course, later retarget), commenting on your posts, referrals, tagging your business, and liking your page, etc. This contest will require you to give out a prize to a champ, yet your business can discount the prize. 

  1. Headlines Optimisation for Engagements

Do you include headlines for every one of your posts? Yes, you should start incorporating them if you don’t. Your headlines should be straightforward yet convincing. Regardless of whether you are attempting to drive traffic back to your product page or blog post, it would be best if you utilized a free tool like CoSchedule to make a captivating headline.


Social media engagement helps you to fortify your relationship with your customers, build up their loyalty towards you and your brand, and overall, cause an increase in your sales. Therefore, if you desire to increase your audience’s engagements on your social media accounts, then implement these strategies and see how it works wonders!