Twitter has 211 million monetizable daily active users, making it an ideal business growth platform. It offers you free promotion by building awareness and growing your business by creating a solid organic following. Twitter connects your business to everyday world happenings. It allows you to learn the latest trends in real-time. With Twitter, you can connect and reach new audiences, boosting your client base.

When you tweet questions and run polls, you get informal feedback from your followers. Twitter helps you provide timely customer service, monitor competition, take advantage of ad power, and elevate your launches. Below are twitter growth tips from industry professionals.

   1. Understand your audience

Using Twitter analytics tools, you can get a solid understanding of your audience, identify your most successful tweets, and determine the campaigns and tweets that most people are attracted to. This analysis’s insights help you create a robust Twitter strategy to find more effective ways of growing your following and boosting your engagement.

   2. Leverage Twitter chats

Twitter chats are an excellent tool for growing your following base and connecting with others. Begin by finding the right Twitter chat to join. Look for chats that resonate with your industry and go through some of the questions posed in the chat. Look at the moderators’ pages to ensure they’re the kind of connections you need.

If you feel that the chat is valuable, consider participating in the next event, and if you’re adding value and getting a lot of engagement, that may be the ideal Twitter chat for you. Besides helping you grow your following, Twitter chats help you build a community, connect with leads and engage with customers, enhancing growth.

   3. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags put together conversations and tweets around related topics so people can quickly locate and follow their interests. While some hashtags are popular on Twitter, don’t just use them to gain traffic. Choose those that relate to your post. Avoid using long hashtags and only use short ones with images as they’re more likely to attract the most engagement.

When you use hashtags to join twitter trends and industry conversations, you will appear if people search those hashtags. This increases your visibility and enhances discoverability and content reach across a wider audience.

   4. Time your tweets

Randomly posting on Twitter lowers the chances of your followers seeing your tweets. Considering the millions of tweets sent out in a day, it’s only wise to find the right time to post to boost visibility among your followers. To increase your click-through rates and twitter engagement, determine the right time to post.

   5. Retweeting

Retweeting allows you to use existing content to build your brand and grow your following. Retweets target the account being retweeted and the current followers. When you show your followers content relevant to their interests or businesses, your credibility as a valuable information source increases. To gain a greater audience with retweets, always choose quality tweets or content that your followers and target audience are likely to find useful.


Growing your followers on Twitter takes time. However, with consistency and a well-crafted Twitter marketing strategy, you can build your brand and account and widen your audience base and engagement.

Featured Image by Pixabay