Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 2.9 billion users worldwide, making it ideal for marketing and increasing website traffic. The platform assists businesses by providing them with Facebook ads. Facebook ads use the social media algorithm to distribute the business’s content to users likely interested in their products or services. The ads generate more leads and traffic for the business’s website and help increase brand popularity. Here are some other top benefits of utilizing Facebook ads.


Facebook ads are significantly cheaper than advertising through traditional methods, such as billboards, newsletters, and TV advertisements. There is no fixed cost for a Facebook ad. Instead, you set a budget for an advertisement campaign, which you can edit during the campaign’s run. Facebook offers CPC (cost-per-click) ads and CPM (cost-per-mile) ads. CPC ads only charge your budget when the users fulfill your desired operation, such as visiting a website or downloading an app. In contrast, CPM refers to the cost of every 1,000 impressions.

Quick Results

Facebook ads produce quick results. Facebook starts building operations the same day you publish the campaign, which is significantly quicker than traditional marketing methods. So with a small budget, Facebook can allow you to reach your goal effectively and quickly.

It is rare for the first campaign you create to bring good results, but the trial-and-error process will be short if you have done your research and are properly targeting audiences. You can also hire a social media management company that may have worked with businesses like yours. They can quickly identify your audience and create campaigns accordingly to yield fast results.

Micro-Targeting Audience

Facebook allows you to micro-target your audience. It lets you target your audience through their interests, behaviors, age range, connections, locations, and languages. You can have varying target audiences for each campaign, allowing you to find the audience that engages with your ads the most. With time, Facebook automatically removes users who do not engage with your ads from the audience list. As the platform accurately targets audiences, it ensures that your investment in marketing brings back high returns and helps you reach your traffic-generating goals quicker.


Leads generated through Facebook ads help increase website traffic, but this does not mean they are purchasing your products or services. To help increase your sales, Facebook ads provide you with the option of remarketing. Your business’s campaigns are repeatedly shown to users who have previously engaged in your Facebook ads. This reinforces your brand’s presence to them, and they are more likely to engage again and purchase your products or services with time.

More Reach Than Organic Posts

Many businesses have a business profile on Facebook. The profile establishes their brand and allows them to communicate with customers directly. However, the content posted organically has little reach. It is difficult to draw attention to your profile and build a following, as the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content posted by friends and family. Through Facebook ads, you have a greater reach and can quickly establish a following and generate leads.

Messenger Ads

With Facebook Messenger ads, you can send updates, special offers, and promotions to users you have communicated with previously through messenger. These users are already drawn to your products and services, so a messenger ad can make them make more purchases. Messenger ads are personal and have a 70% better opening rate than email marketing.

Customizable Ads

Facebook allows businesses to customize their ads to match their objectives. Aside from adding traits of your target audience and budget, you can also add a timeframe. For example, if you are running a ‘sale ad,’ you can ensure it does not run after the sale has ended.

Facebook also asks you for the objectives for creating the ad, which includes website clicks, page likes, post engagement, etc. This information allows Facebook to optimize and promote the ad according to the objective, bringing in better results.

Custom Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are an effective way to have users fulfill your objectives, and Facebook ads provide businesses with plenty of CTAs to let them meet their objectives. Facebook’s CTAs are also clickable. These include:

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Shop now
  • Download
  • Sign up
  • Learn More
  • Apply Now

Robust Analytics

To use Facebook ads efficiently, you must constantly track the performance of previous campaigns and make decisions on how to improve them. Facebook’s ad manager makes this job simple. It collects data regarding your previous campaigns, such as conversation rates, click-through rates, weekly reach, post-engagement, and sales. The ad manager compiles data into easy-to-understand graphs and metrics, which makes identifying trends simple. You can make informed decisions on improving the ad campaigns through the representations.

You can also download Facebook Pixels for more analytics. Facebook Pixel is a short code that launches whenever a user visits your profile. You can customize it to track various user activities on the website, such as which pages are being frequented and which orders are placed. This information helps you identify the parts of your website Facebook users are most interested in, allowing you to create future ad campaigns based on that information.

Adaptable to Instagram

Meta owns Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms are popular and great marketing options, and you can easily connect them to boost your marketing campaigns. For example, you can simultaneously upload a story or post you publish on Facebook on Instagram without additional effort, and vice versa.

Similarly, Facebook Ads can also run on Instagram. You only have to enter the information once and can choose to run it on both platforms. This step allows you to save time and increases ad reach.


Digital marketing is an efficient way to reach new audiences and increase website traffic. Here, Facebook has an enormous user count and massive daily activity. It provides businesses with benefits such as cost-effective marketing, producing quick results, micro-targeting, remarketing, messenger ads, customizable ads, custom calls-to-action, ads adaptable to Instagram, and robust analytics.

Anyone can create a Facebook ad campaign, but achieving the numerous benefits they offer takes practice, experience, and generous budgeting. Instead, many businesses prefer to hire a social media management company to handle Facebook marketing. They reduce your workload and also have knowledge and experience in creating and managing ad campaigns. Social media managing companies also regularly read Facebook updates to adapt the ads to bring in desired outcomes constantly.

You can consult companies like ours today and get the maximum returns on your social media marketing investment.

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