FACT: It’s absolutely vital for a local business to leverage social media marketing campaigns for their business.

Most local businesses don’t realize how crucial social media is and the impact it has from a marketing standpoint. More than 700 million people visit Facebook every day and it’s becoming a powerhouse in the advertising space. If you aren’t incorporating social media into your local business’ marketing plan, you’re holding your business back and letting your competitors get ahead. Here are eleven social media marketing ideas for local businesses:

  1. Photo Contests
    • Photo contests on social media are a great way to boost community engagement and encourage user generated content. It allows customers to engage with your brand, drive traffic to your website and keep your social pages relevant. Contests leave a lasting impression on customers and will keep them coming back.


  1. Engage in popular hashtags
    • Engaging in trending hashtags is an easy way to put your business on the map. By regularly utilizing popular hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday or #MotivationMonday, you’re putting your business on the public search page. Creating your own hashtag to use among customers is a great way to create your own little community network and allows you to easily read comments directly from your fans.
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  1. Giveaways
    • Giveaways are by far one of the most successful types of social media campaigns. Not only does it give customers a huge incentive to visit your page and stay involved, it gets your product or service out there. Giveaways, big or small, are a simple way to spark interest in your target audience and get your brand’s name out there
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  1. Post Social Media Content Weekly
    • Posting on social media is becoming an art form. A successful content strategy includes three types of posts: educational, promotional and engaging. This easy formula works together to drive business to you, educate the public and keep engagement high. Add more success to your content strategy by scheduling your posts in advance.
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  1. Advertise on Facebook
    • Simple advertising strategies can be applied to your local business social media marketing efforts. “Boosting posts” and simple page like campaigns on Facebook are easy to use and dramatically help in increasing both engagement and brand exposure. All local businesses should create a business manager and ad account and learn the basics.
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  1. Write Blog Articles Weekly!
    • Posting consistent blog articles to your website and social channels will help build your fan base, bring people back for more, and give you a way to communicate to your customers. Blogs are becoming extremely popular and will give your business a sense of credibility.
  1. Email marketing
    • Using social media as leverage to gain email addresses is a valuable tool for small business. Use a lead magnet to collect customer information and then sending email blasts to keep constant contact with your customers is one of the best digital marketing strategies hands down!

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  1. Customer Support
    • Social media is now a tool for customers to use to write reviews, ask questions and communicate directly with your business. Regularly monitoring your pages for comments and messages from fans gives you the opportunity to connect directly with them and solve any problems that might arise. This is also a great opportunity to ask your fan base questions / surveys!
  1. Community outreach
    • Local businesses can easily connect with their community by consistently staying involved and building relationships with other businesses and potential customers. The more active your business is in the local community, the more likely customers are to stay connected and engaged with your brand.
  1. Local events
    • Hosting local events and promoting them on your social channels is another advantage of a local business. As a local business, you have the opportunity to connect social media with real life. Game nights, family nights, and various sales specifically for people who regularly follow your social channels will give them an incentive to become regular guests.
  1. Local partnerships
    • Working with other local businesses is another great way to build a reputation in your community. For example, a pizza place offering free slices to people who attend a local baseball game. Easy advertising for both brands by promoting it on your social media channels!


Try a few of these ideas out for your business! Some of these strategies will work better for some businesses but it’s all about testing what will work for you and then applying it! Bottom line: The more involved you are, the more involved your customers will be!


About Mackenzy Marcks

Mackenzy Marcks is an Account Executive at Social Vantage. Her communication skills and background in client relations allow her to achieve consistent results among a list of international clients. She works to creatively build campaigns in multiple industries ranging from fitness to academic research publishing. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. When Mackenzy isn’t in the office, you can find her exploring Philadelphia and putting hot sauce on just about everything.