If your business is online, you need to have an effective social media marketing plan in place. When executed properly, there’s simply no better return on investment for virtually any company. The process is nuanced and sometimes complex, which is why many organizations choose to acquire the services of a reputable social media management agency.


Whether you prefer to take on the task in-house or trust the work to the experts, it’s important that your social marketing campaign remain active and relevant. When you deliver interesting content consistently, you stand to gain invaluable trust and rapport with potential customers.


What is Social Media Management?

Managing a social media campaign can be a sizeable undertaking. It typically involves everything from creating and publishing new content to tracking performance. This is one of the primary reasons that many companies trust marketing duties to agencies like Social Vantage—unless you’ve got a full-on marketing department, the workload can quickly become overwhelming.


Agency Advantages

In addition to freeing up your company’s resources, relying on an experienced marketing agency lends a host of benefits. Consider the following advantages:


  1. Experience and knowledge of the most popular social platforms.
  2. Dedicated focus on your company’s marketing campaign.
  3. Consistent follow-ups and replies to social media followers.
  4. Reporting and analytics provided to evaluate your return on investment.


Truly, social media management can be performed by anyone with working knowledge of the basic platforms as well as your business. Similarly, you can assign window washing duties to a member of your existing staff, but you probably wouldn’t expect the same quality of work as with a professional agency. Marketing is no different, except that your business has much more to gain from an effective social media campaign than it does from spick-and-span windows.


The Cost of Doing Business

For most decision-makers, the final question will be natural: how much does social media management cost? That all depends on what exactly you expect from your marketing campaign. At Social Vantage, for example, we choose to offer a range of plans for companies of all different sizes. This allows proprietors to remain flexible, adjusting their marketing spend to meet the needs of their business at any given time.


In the end, the cost of hiring a social media management agency ideally should always be offset by your ROI. When you get more out of your marketing strategy than you put into it financially, you’ll be confident that your advertising dollars are working for you.

About Matthew Pattoli

Matthew Pattoli is the co-founder and President of Social Vantage. He brings his marketing experience and high level skill set to the forefront of the most important marketing campaigns Social Vantage executes for their clients. This year alone, Matthew will oversee the strategy and execution of more than 1,000 social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients in multiple markets. Matthew enjoys vacationing to tropical islands to deep sea scuba dive with great white sharks.