The biggest thing in digital marketing is being unique. Knowing your audience and creating a distinctive approach to social media marketing can help you stand out, especially when it comes to creative businesses like music.

This guide will share all the information musicians need to create an efficient and effective social media marketing strategy to increase revenue and reach more listeners.

Why use social media to promote music?

1. It allows you to be genuine

Trying to be someone you’re not can have negative effects on a musician’s career, both in the long and short term. When you’re trying too hard to be someone or copying some trends, it can often come off as inauthentic, which is a sure way to lose followers and fans. Unoriginal content doesn’t have a long shelf life on social media, so you have to stick to your own brand from day one.

2. It allows you to understand your audience

Before you can create an effective social media marketing strategy, you’ve got to know your audience. You might already have an idea of who your fans are, but until you’re posting regularly and measuring content engagement to understand the demographics, it’s going to be difficult to make songs for them.

Steps to strengthen social media presence

1. Create a Stunning, Unique Visual Presentation

One of the biggest reasons social media marketing strategies fail is because content can become easily lost in a sea of similar posts, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or even your own website. One way to make sure your music stands out is by creating an eye-catching visual identity.

2. Use Each Platform the Right Way

Each social media platform is different, and you need to interact with them properly in order to gain the best value. Instagram and TikTok currently prioritize video content, while Facebook is a better outlet for disseminating information such as live show dates. Niche platforms like Discord and Reddit are ideal for making songs go viral, so you should also look into creating sharable snippets. You should create an omnichannel experience by following a content marketing strategy and content calendar so that your fans can catch on from anywhere they prefer.

3. Next Steps

Social media marketing has a lot to do with how musicians handle themselves online, but it’s also important to scale quickly. Short videos give musicians the opportunity to promote their songs and collaborate with other influencers to create viral campaigns. They can also strike up deals with brands to create music and add gated content for fans to get exclusive behind-the-scenes privileges. All of these increase revenue and further the reach of your music.

With a strong social media presence, you’re one step closer to a deeper understanding of online marketing, which means you can take your music to greater heights.  If any of these tips sound interesting, we recommend reading our blog for more information on each strategy.

Featured Image by Unsplash