Social media marketing is rapidly becoming a basic component of marketing strategy. Business owners can consider social media consultancy for tips and professional advice on how to come with a social media strategy to market their brands. Social media efforts generate more exposure for business and increase traffic which can be converted into leads with a proper marketing plan. The following is a close look at how a social media consultant can help your business generate more leads.


Introduction to social media and search marketing

The consultants guide their clients in setting up social media accounts. This involves first looking at your products and target audience to determine the appropriate social media platform. The choice of platform may be determined by the age, gender and social-class of your target audience. They also help business owners in designing new releases featuring their stories which may attract potential customers through search results. It may involve writing the releases down and optimizing them to be seen by many people.


Goals and Objectives Definition

Business owners can sell anything using social media provided they are doing it right. Setting goals and objectives is the best first step since it helps business owners get more meaningful results which they can tie back to their objectives. The consultants advise business to include a plan of creating solid and useful content in their objectives to make sure they pass the right information to the right audience at the right time.


Publicity and Ideation 

A social media consultant can connect you with the right journalists and help you build your profile. They filter alerts to make sure you only get the most relevant publicity to create more compelling pitches. This is very useful for kick-off campaigns since you will be able to use the best ways and social media tools to reach your target audience. Ideation involves producing great new releases when there is need to publish one. The consultants can idealize the topic of your next release and guide you when writing to let you identify the right message and target it to the right audience.


Results Analysis

The consultants help business owners understand their social marketing data, figures and charts on their analytics dashboard. They use the data to measure results and fine-tune their campaigns to look for areas that need improvement. This allows business owners to grow their marketing team without increasing their staff.


Incorporation of Calls-To-Action and Landing Pages

It is usually the last step of generating leads through social media marketing. The step ensures there is a way that guides prospects to the final stage of your sales funnel. Social media consultants provide tips and ways of capturing the attention of your clients by creating a compelling and actionable landing page. They can also provide ads and clever call to action to collect their contacts for future reference.


Are you wishing to venture into social media marketing to attract more customers and make returns on the investment? Then be sure to consult a social media consultant. The Social Vantage consultant will guide and help you come up with a proper plan to market your business. As a result, you will be assured of generating more leads awareness about your brand amongst your target audience.


About Matthew Pattoli

Matthew Pattoli is the co-founder and President of Social Vantage. He brings his marketing experience and high level skill set to the forefront of the most important marketing campaigns Social Vantage executes for their clients. This year alone, Matthew will oversee the strategy and execution of more than 1,000 social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients in multiple markets. Matthew enjoys vacationing to tropical islands to deep sea scuba dive with great white sharks.