Social media has taken the world by storm, and its total number of users is projected to reach around six billion by 2027. It’s no surprise that businesses everywhere continue to market their brand on various platforms. However, navigating the complex and intricate realm of engagement activity, posts, TikToks and Reels is no easy feat.

There are numerous aspects to consider, and it can be overwhelming to design a marketing plan that aligns with the latest trends and topics. While social media is a great advertising opportunity, in most cases, it’s best to outsource the job to a management company because it saves you time and money. Keep reading as we consider some crucial questions you should address before outsourcing your social media accounts and what benefits you can avail if you do.

Questions About Outsourcing Your Social Media

The decision of whether you should hire someone to manage your social media marketing is not a straightforward one. Answer the following questions to gain clarity on the matter.

How Much Time Does Your Team Need to Spend On Social Media Marketing?

Time or resource restraints might be why you’re thinking of outsourcing. However, you shouldn’t expect any agency to read your minds or work miracles. You’ll need to provide them with your brand’s vision, the creative development process you want to see, what kind of content they should put out, the business’s goals, and KPIs. It’s entirely your responsibility to convey your expectations and collaborate with whoever you hire. You should determine the amount of time you can devote to these tasks.

What Are Your Brand’s Values?

Agencies handle matters with different clients according to their brand. Clients come in all shapes and sizes, which means that knowing how to approach them initially can be challenging for social media experts. If you’re a fashion brand that wants to target Gen Z on Instagram,  fulfilling your requirements will be different from managing an older small business’s social media marketing on Facebook.

Highlight your niche and vision because this will make the life of the team or person you hire much easier. You can make a mood board or style guide, presenting it to the agency you’re meeting and highlighting the demographics you want as your target audience.

What Are Your Social Media Advertising Goals?

What do you wish to get out of outsourcing your social media? Is it improved customer service support and brand awareness, or are you aiming to increase leads and sales? While all of these factors influence company operations and success, you need to find the right answer for yourself. Your answer will dictate the strategies your hired social media marketing company implements and your budget.

Is Your Social Media Presence Lacking?

Maybe your posts seldom get engagement, meaning you need a fresh perspective that is more in touch with what individuals presently wish to see on their timelines. To figure out whether your social media presence is lacking, you should keep a check on your most important KPI metrics. If this is the first time you’ve heard of them, it’s a sign you should contact an agency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media

If you’ve mulled over the questions mentioned above and decided to outsource your social media accounts, let’s take a look at some advantages you’ll be able to enjoy.

Saves Time

Managing social media is not a walk in the park. You need to plan what you post and constantly check the apps for what’s trending. It’s not just about posting on Facebook or Twitter during free time in your work schedule. Consumers want their queries and concerns answered as quickly as possible regarding your products or services. Your business’s reputation can be damaged if you fail to do so because of a board meeting or conference.

Platforms like Facebook even give you badges when you respond quickly, reassuring your customers that you’re responsive and can cater to their needs. Additionally, it’s not just about reacting instantly- you have to monitor the conversations too. It’ll help you understand which method works best with clients and see how your brand is being mentioned. Outsourcing will enable you to focus on other essential business aspects, enhancing productivity and profits. As they say, time is money.

Saves Money

It’s cheaper to outsource your social media marketing than to hire someone in-house. In-house employees will need to be trained before you can form a new team, costing you considerably. When you hire an agency, you can get an entire team for the amount you’ll spend on one full-time in-house hire. A social media management team can include:

  • A project manager who oversees that everything is accomplished timely
  • An online social media manager who strategizes social media efforts
  • An account manager to assist the social media manager
  • A graphic manager to provide the aesthetics

As you can see, experts from various fields come together to work on your social accounts. If your company has a call center, replacing call interactions with social interactions also helps to cut costs. The money you save by outsourcing can be invested back into the business.

Access to Experts 

Perhaps the most significant benefit of outsourcing to a social media management company is the expertise you gain. They blend available customer information and market data to enhance your strategies. Rather than clearing out time in your busy schedule for something that’s not your strength, you can turn to a professional for assistance. Your hired team will stay on top of every tool, platform, and industry trend.

Factors like the correct hashtags, photo sizes, and which platform to leverage for your business will be handled with ease and reduced errors. Let the experts take the reins regarding social media while you sit back and manage what you’re genuinely passionate about.


If you want to expand your business, outsourcing your social media marketing is the way to go. Doing everything on your own will take time and money away from the operational side of the business, and you’ll struggle to move up the corporate ladder. Whether brand awareness or generating leads, an agency can help you achieve these goals seamlessly by keeping an eye on what your audience wants. There’s a stream of social media experts out there willing to help; you just have to find one whose values align with your company’s vision.

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