Are you a real estate professional struggling to generate new qualified leads using social media? Are you a condominium, apartment complex or home community struggling to find new tenants? Facebook advertising is your solution.  As of January 2015, Facebook is the most advanced advertising platform compared to the other social networks. Marketers and most advertisers know of the variety of targeting options that Facebook has to offer, however the real estate industry now has a targeting option suited just for them. The behavior targeting option ‘likely to move’ is users on Facebook who are most likely to move residences based off data that Facebook and partnered companies have compiled.

At Social Vantage, we work with many real estate professionals and real estate agencies to help them drive new leads utilizing the ‘likely to move’ behavior targeting option.  We have developed a marketing funnel that provides consistent results for our clients in the real estate industry.

The first part of the funnel is creating a highly converting advertisement that will display in the Facebook newsfeed. This advertisement will have targeting options within a specific geographic location (zip code), age and the behavior targeting option ‘likely to move.’


Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.12.26 PM


The second part of the funnel is having a traffic destination.  At Social Vantage, we build high converting landing pages that catch the users eye and entices the user to opt in their name, phone and email. Please see the example below:


Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.32.58 PM



In conclusion, the staff at Social Vantage is dedicated to helping real estate professionals market effectively on social media. For more information, please Contact Us.




About Matthew Pattoli

Matthew Pattoli is the co-founder and President of Social Vantage. He brings his marketing experience and high level skill set to the forefront of the most important marketing campaigns Social Vantage executes for their clients. This year alone, Matthew will oversee the strategy and execution of more than 1,000 social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients in multiple markets. Matthew enjoys vacationing to tropical islands to deep sea scuba dive with great white sharks.