LinkedIn Lead Generation: Everything You Need to Know (2021)

Are your social media strategies generating the leads you need? If not, there may be one social media platform that you haven’t tried yet. LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms in the world, and it offers a lot of advantages to marketers who want to take advantage of its unique features.

In this short guide, you’ll learn about the power LinkedIn has to deliver lucrative leads. You’ll learn why LinkedIn belongs in your marketing strategy and some strategies that you can start putting to work right now.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn for Leads?

You should use LinkedIn to develop leads for several reasons. First, as the premier professional network, it’s primed for people who are more interested in business than socializing. Second, it has some excellent publishing features for you to build your brand. Finally, it leads the pack in targeting tools.

Let’s look at these advantages in a little more detail.

LinkedIn is designed for business

If you’re advertising on most social media platforms, you’re going to run into a serious challenge, namely that people aren’t there to do business. This means that there will always be some skepticism toward “promoted” posts and sponsored pages. People may be annoyed when brands attempt to participate in trending conversations.

This skepticism can be overcome with the right strategies, but on LinkedIn, it’s not even an issue. Everyone on LinkedIn is focused on developing their professional reputation or brand. You’re free to represent your business without trying to be subtle about it.

LinkedIn has great features for building your brand

You could be forgiven for assuming that LinkedIn doesn’t have optimal features for communicating with your audience or building an engaging profile. However, this social network offers you numerous ways to build out your brand using content and images.

The blog feature allows you to write and publish long articles, share them with people outside your network, and engage with your readers through comments.

You can also customize nearly every part of your personal or company profile. You can create a custom URL, apply a banner of your choice, set up personal messages when you make a connection, and even set up a background on the app.

LinkedIn leads the pack in targeting

If you prefer running ads to creating content, LinkedIn has some powerful targeting abilities that help you to reach the exact audience you have in mind. You can target companies in addition to individuals and even set up retargeting for people who have interacted with your ads in the past.

When it comes to targeting individuals, you can be incredibly precise. You can break down your audience by:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Professional interests
  • Personal interests

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

Now you know that LinkedIn has some great tools for helping you generate tools. However, there are some considerations you need to make if you want to do it effectively. Follow these tips to make the most of your presence on this platform.

Remember what the network is about

If you want to generate leads on LinkedIn, you can’t forget what the network is truly about. LinkedIn is for making professional connections, and that should be baked into all of your strategies there.

That should tell you that professional topics will do very well here. Sharing professional advice about your business will help to attract users to your page and encourage them to interact with the content that you create.

Also, it’s a good idea to not “dumb down” the information that you cover. You’re not speaking to a general audience. You’re speaking to professionals who maintain high standards.

Take advantage of groups

Groups is a LinkedIn feature that allows people to build communities based on shared interests. There are many highly active groups on groups on this network, and you should focus on them if you want your marketing efforts to be successful.

Joining groups will give you insight into the larger conversations that are happening. That will help you develop the right focus for any content you create or advertising that you release.

You may be able to find leads directly through the groups by watching for individuals who need what you’re offering and making connections with them.

Focus on the big fish

LinkedIn is one of the few networks where you can prosper by focusing on entire companies. You should take advantage of this and chase after the “big fish” that maintain a presence on this network.

This network is perfect for B2B marketing, and you can start building a reputation with major players just by interacting with their content. Make sure you explore their profile to learn about the people who are involved in the company and what role they have. This will enable you to directly target the people who have the power to deal with vendors.

Start Earning More Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media network for generating leads. Remember that there are a lot of advantages to consider, including that this network is designed to serve the needs of professionals, that there are excellent features for building your brand, and that you have an impressive number of options for targeting.

Even with all of these advantages, you need to have a plan for advertising on this network. You’ll do better if you remember what this network is for, take advantage of groups, and focus on the big fish.