There is no doubt that the internet has become a game changer as far as selling and marketing of products and services are concerned. Even the smallest of marketers do find a big difference when they decide to promote their products or services online. Online marketing has moved on quite rapidly and today the powerful social media sites are well and truly adding a new dimension to it. It has been proven that products and services that are aggressively and intelligently marketed on the social media sites have a much higher chance of reaching more number of customers. In this article, we will be talking about importance to Twitter as a medium for promoting products and services. We will try and find out how a good social media agency can help their clients to leverage the big strength of Twitter.

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Promote Special Offers On Twitter

If you have any product on which you would like to run a special offer it makes sense to use the power and reach of Twitter. Small, catchy phrases and sentences could tickle the imagination of customers and make them to try out the product. Just by using 140 characters there have many instances where marketers have improved their sales dramatically. However, the phrases and sentences should be intelligently framed and goad the customer to click the link and research further.

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Have Separate Ads for Separate Niches 

When building Twitter ads it would be advisable for social media agency companies to have separate twitter handles for different parts of the business niche. This will help a lot in focusing special groups of customers and understand their needs and requirements properly. It would also be a good idea to provide some pertinent product or service information but the same should be intelligently mixed with a slight sales pitch.


Your Twitter Ad Should Not Be Just Sales Information Alone

It is also very important to bear in mind that merely talking about sales, products and services might put off customers. Therefore a good twitter ad is one which helps create and retain the readers’ interest. A good twitter advertisement should talk about your company, you as a person and the values that you stand far. These are all matters that could retain interest levels much better when compared to simple and matter of fact sales and marketing information.


Have A Link Of Twitter On Your Website

Apart from the above it is also very important to ensure that your main website has a link to your Twitter handle. This is very vital because if not today, few years down the line Twitter will become a very important tool for marketing of products and services and you should not be found wanting.

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Hence there is no doubt that being a bit smart and using some common sense approaches could go a long way in making the best out of your Twitter ads. This is something that will not happen overnight and it has to be built brick by brick and has a reasonably long gestation period.


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