Are you an aspiring influencer or digital marketer looking to grow your Instagram following? With over 1 billion active users, the potential reach of Instagram is incredible, making it one of the most powerful social media platforms out there.

But with so much competition among influencers and brands vying for attention, it can take a lot of work to stand out. Luckily, if you play your cards right – stick with tried-and-true organic tactics – growing a genuine follower base doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to tackle Instagram growth in 2023 and beyond by offering simple step-by-step strategies designed to help maximize engagement while expanding your audience!

What Is an Instagram Growth Strategy?

A solid Instagram growth strategy should focus on creating compelling content, engaging with your audience, and developing relationships with influencers. It’s important to come up with creative and relevant content ideas that will resonate with your audience and be consistent in delivering them.

Generating engagement is also key; this means actively liking and commenting on other people’s posts, responding to messages and comments on your page, and generally being active in the community.

You should also aim to reach out to influencers in the same niche, build relationships with them and collaborate with them to boost visibility for both of you. Finally, don’t forgett o use relevant hashtags, including trending ones, to maximize your posts’ reach.

By consistently following these steps, it is possible to grow an organic following on Instagram without spending money on ads or followers.

Will An Organic Marketing Strategy Work?

Organic marketing strategies are a far more reliable and beneficial approach to growing an Instagram presence. Rather than relying on the quick fix of buying fake followers, this strategy helps brands to build lasting relationships with their followers.

This includes creating engaging and relevant content, connecting with customers through comments and messages, and using tactics such as hashtags to increase visibility. By taking the time to create an organic marketing strategy, brands can ensure that their account gains real followers that will be more likely to interact with and be loyal to their brand.

Additionally, organic marketing strategies are less likely to result in a restriction from Instagram, as it is seen as a legitimate form of growth rather than gaming the system by purchasing followers. Creating an organic marketing strategy will inevitably lead to positive results for any brand looking to grow its presence on Instagram.

Benefits of Organically Growing Your Instagram

Setting attainable goals with measurable results is essential when developing a content marketing strategy. This means breaking the process down into manageable steps and taking the time to measure progress along the way.


Benefits of Organically Growing Your Instagram

From there, you can focus on creating quality posts that engage your followers, like asking questions or creating polls, reposting user-generated content, and using relevant hashtags. Here are some of the benefits of growing your Instagram organically:

  1. Engagement will increase: When striving to cultivate an engaged follower base sustainably, it is essential to focus on those who have already demonstrated a vested interest in what your business has to offer. This means nurturing relationships with users who have already followed you in the past, and engaging with those who are likely to be interested in your content. By doing so, you can ensure that your follower count grows organically without needing to resort to any gimmicks or shortcuts.
  2. Develops recognition for your brand: When you purchase fake followers, it becomes incredibly obvious to your real followers and potential partners. This is because the number of new followers that appear on your profile will only match up with other key analytics such as post engagement and reach.
  3. You won’t have the chance to get banned or restricted: Creating meaningful relationships with real followers is the key to avoiding a ban or account restriction from Instagram. This means that it is essential to focus on engaging with those who genuinely care about your content and authentically interact with them. This can be done through expressing gratitude for likes and comments, responding to questions, and simply getting to know your followers better.
  4. New customers will be attracted: Creating a stronger, more engaged community is essential for any business to reach its goals. To increase the number of followers, creating fresh content that resonates with your existing audience and promotes brand recognition can be beneficial. Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube can help build a larger following and potential customer base.

Tips on How To Produce Instagram Organic Growth

Creating organic growth on Instagram can be challenging for businesses, but it is possible with the right strategies. With consistent effort along these lines, businesses can build an engaged online community organically over time, resulting in incredible benefits for the company.

In the coming sections, we will give you the best tips for producing growth on instagram!

Always Create Engaging Content

Creating quality content for Instagram can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It requires creativity, attention to detail, quality imagery, and an understanding of the Instagram algorithm in order to reach the right audience.

Images should be taken with natural light, have a crisp focus, and have a relevant background that ties into the overall theme of the post. You can also incorporate captions and hashtags in order to target your intended audience better.

Additionally, using high-quality filters on photos or videos can help your content stand out from the competition.

Always Create Engaging Content

Find the Best Time To Post Content

Research shows that the ideal times to post on Instagram are between 2-3pm, Monday through Friday. However, there may be better times for some. For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, it might be better to post in the evening when they’re more likely to be online.

Additionally, brands with an international presence may want to consider posting at different times of day, depending on their target audience’s locations. For instance, if your target is based in Europe and Asia, you could try posting in the late morning or early afternoon in those regions so that content will appear higher up in their feeds when they access Instagram later in the day.

You should also consider peak usage days and times within your analytics data to better understand when people are most likely to engage with your content. Considering all this can help ensure that your posts reach as many people as possible and drive engagement.

Partner With Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers offer an incredible opportunity for brands to reach valuable, engaged audiences in a highly targeted manner. Because of their relative accessibility and smaller following, micro-influencers often have higher levels of engagement than larger influencers. This makes them great candidates for collaboration.

Their followers are typically more likely to buy the advertised products or services as they see the influencer as an authority in the niche. Furthermore, these partnerships tend to be less expensive than working with bigger influencers who require significantly more compensation.

Micro-influencers can also be easier to negotiate with since they’re typically open to bartering or creating unique collaborations that are mutually beneficial.

All of this makes micro-influencer marketing an effective way for brands to increase their sales, build trust within their target audience and boost brand awareness.

Use Instagram Reels

Creating an Instagram Reel that stands out and gets seen by the right people doesn’t have to be difficult. A few simple strategies can make all the difference. Start by including keywords in your captions that are related to your content and relevant to the audience you’re targeting.

This will help Instagram’s algorithm recognize what kind of video it is and where it should appear in user feeds. Hashtags can also help boost visibility, allowing people searching for specific topics on Instagram to find your Reel more easily.


It’s important not to go overboard with this though; using too many hashtags can actually hurt visibility, as Instagram may interpret it as spammy behavior and relegate your post further down a user’s feed.

Keep things simple by sticking with a few strategic keywords, and save your creative energy for making great content!

Create An Inspiring Instagram Bio

Creating an optimal Instagram bio is essential to help grow an account organically. A great bio should succinctly and accurately explain who you are and what your business does.

Additionally, by incorporating relevant keywords, people will be able to find your profile more easily when they search for related terms. When picking a username, it’s important to opt for something that’s straightforward and easily recognizable by potential followers (for instance, many brands simply use their brand name).

You can also include the name of your business in the “name” section of your profile if desired. Finally, make sure to include links to other platforms such as Twitter or YouTube so that people can easily access those profiles without having to search for them.

Focus On Your Branding and Values

To organically grow your Instagram, use subtle branding elements to create a recognizable look and feel for your posts. Incorporate specific colors and consistent tones of voice in your captions and messages.

Use visual branding elements such as logos, watermarks, or even the same filter on all of your images to help followers recognize content faster. You can also focus on creating engaging stories to ensure your content is interesting and stands out from the competition.

Lastly, respond to comments quickly and interact with other users so that people may see you as an expert in the field. Utilizing these strategies will help you organically build an audience on Instagram and establish strong relationships with followers that will further fuel your growth.

Market Research Is Key

Conducting proper market research is essential to effectively and organically grow your Instagram followers. By doing so, you can tap into your competitors’ strategies on the platform and analyze which ones are popular with their audience. It will allow you to identify industry trends and insights into what content resonates with users on this social medium.

Market Research Is Key

Additionally, researching competitors can help uncover opportunities to differentiate yourself and create unique experiences for viewers of your page. This could come in the form of engaging visuals or interactive videos that help bring attention to your profile.

Finally, staying up-to-date with influencer marketing trends will also provide valuable information about what works best for certain niches and how to incorporate those tactics into your strategy.

With proper research and insights, you can confidently grow a successful following that is engaged and interested in what you offer on Instagram.

Engaging Your Followers Will Help

A detailed Instagram growth strategy should involve engaging with your followers and providing them with timely, interesting content. Social listening tools can help you understand what kind of content they are interested in and tailor your content accordingly.

Engaging Your Followers Will Help

By ensuring that all your posts have a high quality, visually appealing, and engaging feel to them, you can ensure that your followers stay loyal and growing. You can also use targeted advertising campaigns to reach new audiences and introduce them to your page.

In addition, responding quickly to comments or messages is important as this will make followers feel heard, appreciated, and valued.

Regularly updating the content on your page, participating in hashtag challenges or other network-wide events, collaborating with other influencers or brands, and creating interactive activities for followers like polls or quizzes, are all strategies that will bring more attention to your account and help it grow.