Now with more 550 million active twitter users, the twitter platform is an open and easily accessible marketing and advertising opportunity for your company. Basically, social media is among the easiest ways of marketing your company online. Twitter allows you to post or publish some brief messages to anybody who follows you. Increasing your company’s Twitter following will potentially help in boosting sales and expanding your customer base.

Here is how to get more twitter followers for your company’s Twitter profile:

Add Some Twitter Buttons To The Company’s Website
Ensure the Twitter follow button on your company’s website or blog is well displayed, and you can also add the Tweet button at the bottom or/and top of every blog post. In case your blog or website is built using a service such as WordPress, there are several free plugins which will add the twitter buttons for you. You can also include your company’s Twitter handle or/and the Follow button in all your emails and such other communications.

Link Your Accounts
In case you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account for your company, linking your Twitter account(s) is another easy way of generating some new followers. You can add your Twitter handle to the email signature, the business cards, the business letterhead, the catalogs and even the receipts. As for your company’s blog or website, you can include a much more easily accessible type of link to the Twitter feed.

Choose A Twitter Profile Picture Which Catches Attention
When twitter users are exposed to the company’s profile, the 1st thing they usually see is the profile image. You should make it stand out by using a unique photo or logo. Bright, but not obnoxious, colors will work well. (Note; Even though Twitter normally allows some animated GIFs, you should try and avoid using them as your company’s profile picture.)

Try And Find An Appropriate Middle Ground
In order to get more twitter followers for your company, you should be consistent in all your posting without unnecessarily overdoing it. The 2 biggest mistakes are; posting way too many times and not posting enough. If you are updating your company’s status once or two times a week, the followers might lose interest. Likewise, the followers might get bored if you are posting some inconsequential updates every other 20 minutes.

Be A Follower
One of the easier ways of increasing your company’s Twitter following is by following other twitter users. You can start by following the existing business contacts along with any other professional associations which you are affiliated to. You should get involved in the twitter conversations on various topics and trends that are relevant to your company or market. You can also retweet the interesting links and comments, and ask other twitter users to return that favor.

Always Make It Count
When it comes to Twitter, you have quite a limited number of characters to get put across your intended message, meaning you should always post quality content. For instance, if you’ve a company website, you can post witty tweets about it along with a link to the article. You can also start a twitter conversation by simply asking one of your twitter followers a question, or by offering some expert advice that’s related to your company.

Make Recommendations
You can use your Twitter feeds to make some recommendations to the followers about other companies and individuals in your field. Simply tweeting praise for another business professional or company might make them to take keen notice of your company. This will in turn help you increase your twitter following and also expand your overall professional network.

Offer Promotions
You can get more twitter followers by offering sales, discounts and other promotions. For instance, you can offer promotional codes which customers can utilize to purchase some merchandise through your company’s website. You can also use your Twitter feeds to advertise any upcoming sales and to keep customers well informed on any new services or/and products.

Customize Your Twitter Feed
If you are new on Twitter, selecting a well customized logo and background will help your company stand out from the crowd. Ultimately you want the company’s Twitter page to accurately project the actual brand image you are trying to build. If you do not have a professionally customized logo, you can choose a profile picture that’s both eye catching to the potential followers, and a representative of your company.

Author: Matthew Pattoli



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