Facebook Marketing Features To Boost Your Business Growth


Facebook is one of the premier social networks with nearly 3 billion users spread across the world. While it presents itself as a place for people to meet one another and share interests, it hosts plenty of features that are designed for the needs of businesses.


You should take advantage of Facebook’s native features if you want to use this massive network to market your business. In this short guide, you’re going to learn some of the ones that are available, and how to take advantage of them. 



Facebook Pages are alternative profile pages that allow you to feature your business. They include all the standard features of profiles, in addition to a lot of others that are essential to marketing.


You can use your page to provide a description and overview of your business. Fans can follow your page to get pings when you post new content. In this manner, pages can be an excellent way to build an audience, mailing list, or pool of potential leads.


You can post all kinds of content to your page, including the essentials that are necessary to manage a content marketing strategy. Use your page to post blogs, videos, polls, and links to content you’ve created on other sites.


Pages can be a great headquarters for your business, but it’s far from the only way to reach people. Facebook also has an excellent ad program, and it’s targeting features are powerful. The first one you should know about is custom audiences.

Custom Audiences


Custom audiences is the name that Facebook gives to its remarketing capabilities. Remarketing is an ad feature that allows you to put ads in front of people who have already interacted with them in the past. It allows you to target people who have shown interest but may need more convincing to make a purchase. 


Facebook allows you to do a lot of interesting things with custom audiences including targeting:


  • Visitors to your website
  • People from your mailing list
  • Users who have downloaded your app


Targeting people who have already interacted with your brand in some way can help you increase your conversion rates. You can save a lot of money on marketing by not targeting people who have no interest in your brand. 


Remarketing isn’t your only option for advertising more effectively on Facebook. You can also benefit from their powerful interest/demographic targeting.

Interest/Demographic Targeting 


If you’re trying to reach new audiences with your ads, Facebook has some targeting features that allow you to do it far more accurately (and possibly for a lesser cost). You can target audiences based on either their interests or their demographics.


Interest targeting allows you to target people based on thousands of different interests in the categories of:


  • The business or industry where they are employed or training to enter
  • Entertainment, including the games they play, live events they attend, and music they enjoy
  • Their relationships including dating, marriage, parenting, and friends
  • Their preferences for fitness, including dieting, muscle building, running, and nutrition
  • The food and drink that they enjoy
  • The hobbies or activities that they enjoy including current events, politics, and travel
  • The things they like to shop for, including fashion, beauty and toys 


Once you’ve delivered your ads to the users of your choice, Facebook allows you to create special kinds of ads called “lead ads”. 

Lead Ads


Facebook Lead Ads are a type of ad that eliminates the need for a landing page. Lead ads allow anyone who clicks on the ad to take the next step toward conversion without traveling to another page. From the ad, users can:


  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Schedule an appointment at your business
  • Claim discount codes and deals


These ads are an excellent option if you want to collect leads directly from ads. However, you may have other reasons to want people who respond to your ads to move on to your website. If that’s the case, you may be able to take advantage of Facebook’s tracking Pixel.

Tracking Pixel


The Facebook Tracking Pixel is an analytics feature that can be attached to your ads. It’s a type of cookie that follows users to your site and then tells you how they behave when they get there. It will tell you:


  • What they click on
  • When they add items to their shopping cart
  • When they make a purchase and what they purchase


This is a useful feature because many programs that provide the same function charge a monthly fee for it. Take advantage of the pixel to improve the landing pages that you’re sending your Facebook ad traffic toward.



Interacting with your fans is an important part of building an audience on Facebook. These fans may have questions for you while you’re not around. Fortunately, Facebook has a feature that will allow you to stay in touch 24/7.


Chatbots are a free feature that can be activated for your pages. They can respond to anyone who opens a chat with you on your business page. You can even add special responses that trigger in response to specific keywords or phrases.

Do More With Facebook Marketing Features


Facebook is a great platform for your social media marketing. It’s even better if you take advantage of all the marketing features that are available to you. 


Remember that you can create a gathering point for your audiences by using the Pages feature. You can also direct your ads precisely with custom audiences and interest targeting. Lead ads can allow you to capture leads without a landing page. 


Pixels can help you evaluate the effectiveness of landing pages, and chatbots can help you communicate with your audience even while you’re away.