First things first, let’s define what a Facebook Lookalike Audience actually is! Facebook defines Lookalike Audiences as a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to customers you care about. These audiences can be based on a variety of sources in order to target different groups of people. Lookalike Audiences are proving to be one of the MOST effective targeting groups you can utilize within Facebook advertising. Read on for 4 techniques you can implement in your own practice today!


1 – Full Email List

One very effective way to use a Lookalike Audience is to base it off of an email list. Facebook allows you to upload full lists of existing email subscribers into your advertising account. Creating a lookalike audience from this group will provide you an even wider pool of people highly interested in your product.

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2 – Customer Email List

Basing a Lookalike Audience on your customers takes email lists to the next step. Not only do we know these people are interested in your product, we know that they have previously BOUGHT something from you. Upload your most current list of customers to Facebook to base an audience off of the people engaged in your products! 

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3 – Conversion Tracking Pixel

Whether you are using the Facebook Conversion Pixel to track sales, registrations or signups…make that pixel work even harder for you! Create a Lookalike Audience based on the people that are CONVERTING through your pages. Another relevant audience from a source that already exists! Who doesn’t love a little double duty? Using a Lookalike audience based off a conversion pixel is by far one of the best Lookalike targeting methods you could implement for your business!

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4 – Facebook Fans

Stretch your current audience even further by making a Lookalike Audience based on your Facebook Fans. The name of your Facebook Page will be available in the ‘Source’ box when creating your Lookalike, making it very easy to target users that are similar to your fans!


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Make the most out of your Facebook advertising by targeting in the smartest ways possible. Lookalike Audiences are already an immensely useful tool that you can now utilize in 4 new ways! With stunning images, creative copy and just the right targeting you can find the perfect Facebook advertising storm!


About Marissa Esposito

Marissa Esposito is an Account Executive at Social Vantage. She uses her strong background in public relations, communications and marketing to drive consistent, high quality results for her clients. Marissa has a strong client portfolio that includes high level real estate agencies and business to business (B2B) restaurant clients. This Account Executive one day aspires to become a mermaid!