Running a successful business is no easy feat. Not only do you have to provide a superior product or service, but you also have to market it effectively. Your business won’t generate much revenue without a sound marketing strategy, even if your product or service quality is excellent. A company’s marketing strategy must also include a good social media presence in modern times.

Social media is accessible to just about anyone with an internet connection. The virality element of social media platforms ensures your campaign can reach far more people than traditional, offline marketing campaigns.

From witty tweets and memes to TikTok challenges, social media is perhaps the most effective way to appeal to younger audiences. Successful companies have realized the potential of penetrating new audiences through effective social media campaigns. A well-curated brand image crafted through social media consultation with experts can boost your business. Here are eight brands that have set the bar when it comes to social media:


Remember the ‘Just Do It’ campaign? Nike didn’t shy away from delivering a bold message about racism in the United States and dominated social media for several weeks. Nike’s social media characterizes the brand as progressive and socially aware. From discussing racial issues in the United States to empowering Muslim women, the brand’s social media presence is all about driving social change.

These campaigns also cause a bit of backlash among conservative individuals, but they have successfully pushed Nike to the center of international discourse. Given the brand’s increasing sales and social media followers, their strategy works. Their campaigns resonate with the people, drive social change, spread awareness about existing issues, and make their business successful.


You must have seen several posts about pumpkin spice lattes this fall: Starbucks knows how to excite its products! Coffee brings joy and excitement to people, and so does Starbucks’ social media presence. Scroll through their Instagram, and you’ll find sugar, spice, and everything nice: expect some colorful pictures of their signature drinks and the baristas behind them.

However, their positive vibes don’t prevent Starbucks from using its social media for social purposes. They highlight inclusivity and diversity, often through inspiring stories of their baristas. Their social media content rejuvenates your feed like a good cup of coffee.


Dubbed ‘the world’s most versatile camera,’ GoPro frequently shares some shots and the story behind them on its social media platforms. These stories compel users to share their unique tales through photography, creating a trend that promotes GoPro. Seeing others share the important recorded moments of their lives compels other users to get a GoPro and document their journeys.

GoPro uses social media strategically and posts content best suited for each site. For example, they use Twitter for announcing and promoting new products and communicating with followers, while their Instagram feed shares user-generated high-quality images and clips.


Dove’s social media use is aligned with the current social norms: instead of promoting harmful stereotypes about beauty, their social media promotes the idea that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Consider their recent #NoDigitalDistortion campaign, spreading awareness about the damaging beauty standards that photo filters and editing tools set. The campaign drives home the message of feeling comfortable and beautiful in one’s skin.

Dove also raised awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic through their ‘Courage is Beautiful’ campaign. The campaign highlighted the sacrifices the frontline workers made to protect us all during the pandemic and encouraged users to follow the safety procedures. That’s responsible social media use!

National Geographic

Nature is beautiful, and so is National Geographic’s social media feed. You can expect to find wildlife photography that captivates the audience and highlights the need to conserve biodiversity. Through its creative visual storytelling, the brand’s social media raises awareness for the rapidly decreasing flora and fauna.

Wildlife isn’t the only aspect the brand’s social media covers: their posts offer a glistening look at other peoples and cultures. Through its social media, National Geographic makes its audience aware of climate change, poverty, and inequality worldwide. They also place power in the hands of their contributing photographers, who share their perspectives and first-hand experiences.


A few years ago, TikTok took the internet by storm. The video-sharing app was an instant hit among Gen Z, and Chipotle was one of the first fast food brands to see an opportunity in the TikTok craze, and time has proven that it was a worthwhile investment on Chipotle’s part.

Chipotle created a fun and engaging content, such as its iconic #ChipotleLidFlip challenge on Cinco de Mayo and the #GuacDance challenge on National Avocado Day. These challenges were very popular with the users, with the lid flip challenge getting over 240 million views. The brand increased engagement with several users attempting guac dance and lid flip challenges, and their iconic TikTok presence was a massive hit.


KFC’s Twitter profile teaches how to do social media right. Even small details, such as the KFC’s following list, are well-placed easter eggs. The account follows only 11 people, and at a glance, the list may look confusing, but it’s a clever joke: the account follows six guys named herb and the five Spice Girls, nodding to its secret 11 herbs and spices recipe.

While the account mostly tweets to promote its menu, it is not beyond participating in the most recent Twitter meme. And their banter with other fast food chains such as Wendy’s keeps their profile engaging.


Spotify has revolutionized the music experience: not only can you organize all your music in one place, but you can also discover new music according to your taste effortlessly. The music company’s social media pages regularly promote the different app features, showcase trending artists, promote new releases, and post the latest charts. Spotify’s social media keeps you up-to-date with new music, and when their much-anticipated yearly wrap arrives, it showcases worldwide listening trends!


Running a successful social media is an art. You must aim to penetrate different demographics, get new users, generate exciting and engaging content, and work towards corporate social responsibility. Your company can also create an effective, robust, and responsible social media presence like these brands through effective social media management and consultancy services.

Featured Image by Unsplash