LinkedIn accounts for at least 80% of the total social media leads, making it an essential platform for most businesses. LinkedIn automation tools can help your business succeed in the marketing game by streamlining the process. The tools can assist in publishing content for your audience at the most appropriate time and maximize your reach, which is vital for winning new customers.


SocialPilot is among the most popular LinkedIn automation tools for posting content on multiple LinkedIn Company pages and profiles. The tool is designed to help users develop and execute a robust LinkedIn marketing strategy. It streamlines tasks like content creation, scheduling and automation of LinkedIn posts, performance analytics, and reputation management for your brand.

SocialPilot has several publishing features that make it easy to schedule posts on multiple accounts with customizable options. You can make the posts more engaging by adding videos, GIFs, and infographics that are inbuilt into the tool. In addition, you can upload up to 500 LinkedIn posts and schedule them with the bulk scheduling feature. Most importantly, you can measure the performance of your campaigns using various metrics, including clicks, CTR, and engagement.

LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper can help you with LinkedIn automation to boost your brand visibility on the social media platform. Typically, you can automatically endorse your followers and contacts, even if you have hundreds with a click. Endorsements can work in your favor because most contacts tend to endorse brands in return.

Brand visibility on LinkedIn is essential since it can trigger a steady growth, and it can be beneficial when your visibility improves effortlessly. The auto mailing capability helps businesses maintain communications since it can run round the clock. Most importantly, the feature customizes all communication and interaction through your LinkedIn profile.

In addition, you can automatically add your brand signature when sending messages to your connections, ensuring professionalism and personalization. If you are building lead generation funnels, you can leverage the lists manager and avoid overlaps between different LinkedIn campaigns running concurrently.


MeetAlfred is an automation tool focusing on end-to-end social campaigns. Since successful social selling requires the right messages for the right user at the right time, it’s essential to have a tool that can send custom messages.

This tool helps you automate the conversations and maintains personalization in your messages. You can send multiple connection requests or end bulk messages with one click. Alternatively, you can send notifications to your potential connections to maximize engagement. MeetAlfred has a versatile CRM functionality that you can leverage to build and run multiple LinkedIn campaigns and grow your brand image and authority.

While this is a cloud-based automation tool, you can customize it and even connect with your G Suite to send your contacts emails.


At least 50% of marketing professionals use LinkedIn for business marketing. However, it can be challenging when you don’t have the right strategy or tools to streamline the process. It’s essential to have several tools to publish content and track your performance metrics.

Starting with a well-rounded tool can simplify your content planning and publishing. It also provides comprehensive insights and helps you handle all of your LinkedIn marketing tasks. If unsure of where to start, you can partner with social media management experts and fast-track your success.

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