Gone are the days when social media was solely an entertainment platform. Today, most users access social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about brands and their products and services. This shows that incorporating social media management into your digital marketing strategy is critical to business growth and success. If you are skeptical about social media’s viability in your small business, read on for ten benefits of using this digital marketing technique to market your brand to make informed decisions.

Cost efficiency

One of the most significant reasons to incorporate social media in your marketing campaign is its affordability. Creating your company’s profile is often free across various social media channels. Any paid promotions you decide to venture into are also relatively cheaper on social media than on other marketing platforms. This can be especially beneficial if you are a startup because it enables you to retain a significant budget to invest in additional marketing tactics and company expenses. You also get to earn a bigger return on your investment.

Social media humanizes your brand

Social media is an excellent place to get real with your target audience. Through your social channels, you can showcase the real people behind your brand, the behind-the-scenes activities in the office, and how your clients use and benefit from your products and services. This makes your brand more relatable, enabling you to build human connections with your audience, which is critical to building brand authenticity and trust.

Improves SEO ranking and site engagement

If you leverage search engine optimization to research high-quality targeted keywords and incorporate them into your content, such as business information, blogs, case studies, infographics, and employee photos, your followers are more likely to like and share your posts. It will also encourage more people to visit your website, which will positively impact your SEO ranking.

Increased traffic to your site gives search engines like Google and Bing the impression that your website is valuable and relevant to users. Posting quality content also gets your brand in front of industry leaders who may be inclined to write about your business and even link back to your site, enabling you to appear on the first pages of the search engine results.

Better insights into your target audience

Perhaps the greatest advantage of social media management is the ability to identify, interact, and learn more about your target customers. Social media is where users express their thoughts, interests, experiences, and opinions about products, services, and brands. You can use this information to design your products and campaigns to meet their needs.

Be sure to browse your competitors’ social media profiles to determine what customers say about your niche, their pain points, and queries and address these issues in your content marketing strategy. You could also leverage various social media tools to determine your audience’s interests, age, gender, preferred social media platforms, and spoken language to enable you to personalize your marketing experiences.

Boost your brand’s awareness

With over 4.62 billion users worldwide, social media is highly effective in generating a new customer base and increasing your brand’s awareness. You can raise brand awareness and build your reputation as a business by simply creating your company’s social media profile and interacting with users!

Be sure to post informative, entertaining, and relevant content to your audience to create an imprint in their minds and positively impact their purchasing patterns. You could also get your sponsors, business partners, and employees to like and share your content. This introduces you to a new network resulting in more lead conversion opportunities and more people knowing about your company.

Improves customer loyalty

Social media does more than help you introduce new products and promote your marketing campaigns. Through AI-driven messaging and marketing automation, you can connect on a personal level with your existing and potential clients. You could schedule automated texts to be sent at specific intervals while allowing recipients to trigger certain actions when a command or prompt pops out. This enables you to improve customer experiences and satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

Increases leads

If you want to generate more leads for your business, you should consider incorporating social media management into your marketing strategy. This is because social media is an inexpensive and low-commitment strategy for prospective customers to express interest in your products and services. Posting on social media also improves your rankings on search engines, enabling potential clients to find you.

Build social proof

Understanding your buyer’s psychology is critical to exploiting their way of thinking and behavior to boost your small business’ success, which is why you should strive to build social proof. Social proof enables you to demonstrate that other people have purchased,  used, and enjoyed your products and services to encourage others to do the same.

You could share reviews and testimonials from happy clients on your social media pages. Since customers trust the opinions of others before making a buying decision, reviews and testimonials will get them to take action. If you often guest post on other platforms, you could share the publications on your social media handles to gather more social proof.

Improves your content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your expertise in your niche. However, creating high-quality, well-researched content is not enough. You also need to bring it in front of your target audience to drive the desired outcome, which is where social media comes in.

Social media allows you to share blogs, images, videos, infographics, and case studies, to mention a few. Your followers can also retweet or reshare this content allowing you to reach more people and contribute to the content marketing campaign’s success. With that being said, ensure the content you share on your social media platforms is tailored to your target audience’s interests, needs, and brand.

Establishes you as a thought leader

By building your online presence through social media, posting well-written and researched content, and engaging your audience in the comment section, you will likely highlight your skills and knowledge. This establishes you as an authority in your field, prompting your followers to look up to you.


With the increased growth of social media platforms today, you cannot ignore social media management in your marketing strategy. Being active on the different social media platforms will help you connect with a larger audience, increase your brand awareness, improve your SEO ranking, and establish you as a thought leader.

Building an effective social media management program can be overwhelming, especially for a startup. With more research, guidance, and consistency, you could become an expert within no time.

Featured Image by Pixabay