In late October I began working with NY-Ish, a company based out of Brooklyn, New York. NY-Ish is a retail clothing and shoe store that distributes in store and online. This particular company has a specific product of designer sneakers that they have restructured to sell as slippers. For this campaign, I specifically targeted 18-40 year old males and females who live in NYC and in other big cities around the United States. NY-Ish also has a strong international market, so in addition to targeting the United States, I created an ad-set for the international customers. Within three days, NY-Ish’s results were fantastic and we had everything in place for a successful campaign to scale.


Results: (3 days after going live)                  

Website clicks: 1,220

Reach: 26,884

Cost Per Click: $0.03 / click

Amount Spent: $41.82

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Results (6 days after going live)

Website clicks: 3,155

Reach: 50,006

Cost Per Click: $0.03

Amount Spent: $102.00

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One of the reasons NY-Ish did so well so quickly was because they have a very unique product. Their product really is a one-of-a-kind product. One of NY-Ish’s main products is a slipper designed after the sneaker from Back to the Future. This really worked to NY-Ish’s advantage considering the first day the ads were running, it was during the anniversary month of Back to the Future II. The specified product (sneaker slippers) combined with the timing of the ads (Back to the Future Anniversary Month) made for instant results from our target market. This is a prime example of how well a seasonal / event driven campaign can perform with a good strategy.


When considering the target market for NY-Ish, I contemplated the type of person that would actually click on the advertisement, rather than just raising an eyebrow and continue scrolling through their feed. First, I decided to apply catchy images that stood out in order to catch the viewer’s’ attention.

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Second, I came to the conclusion individuals 18-40 years old were prime candidates for age targeting, mainly because these are the people that have had the most interest in the NY-Ish brand. Two of the interests that worked very well were “sneakerhead” and “sneakerhead society.” These are highly targeted interest we found through heavy interest research that proved to drive a ton of web-clicks for our client. Before targeting “Sneakerhead” and “Sneakerhead Society” we knew we needed to research those interests to make sure they were in line with our client’s target market. After researching those interests, we came to the conclusion of – If you don’t have a love for sneakers, you will not have an affiliation with these interest.

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Lastly, hashtags also played a large role in the significant reach of these ads. I incorporated numerous hashtags that included everything from “Back to the Future” references and leading magazines to the leading sneaker brands. All of which contributed to the success of this incredible campaign for NY-Ish.

About Nicholas Becker

Nick Becker is an Account Executive at Social Vantage. He works with a wide range of clients ranging from those in the fashion and fitness industry to local car washes around the country. Nick uses his creativity and demographic targeting skills to drive leads, sales and brand awareness for his clients. Nick graduated with a degree in Public Relations from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. He captained Division I La Salle University in soccer and thoroughly enjoys going to his beach house in Sea Isle City, NJ.