Twitter is a useful marketing tool, a business tool, information tool as well as a place for interaction. The interactive nature of Twitter is enhanced by the limitation of the characters that each tweet shouldn’t exceed (140 characters), making it an excellent platform to stay in touch with users without having to spend too much time. Many people are beginning to use Twitter in their marketing and advertising campaigns because of the various advertising option it boasts. Some of the most popular Twitter Ads include web clicks, lead cards, followers, product card, and app engagement.

Let’s discuss each of them and how they can be used in advertising websites, brands, and companies.

Website Clicks

Website clicks are also known as website conversions. They are used to increase website traffic as well as conversions. Website conversions direct the potential client to the linked site thereby converting them into users or subscribers of the website content. To reach specific audiences who qualify to be potential customers, one must include keywords, geographical location, and interests in their Tweets to reap maximum benefits of Twitter advertising.

Lead Cards

Lead cards are designed to gather email addresses of interested Twitter users who may want to subscribe to your content. These email addresses assist one in creating a database of the qualified clients that can be used later in wider marketing campaigns. The lead generation card offers accurate and secure information of Twitter users because they are submitted by Twitter once the users agree to the terms of the lead. Lead cards make the process of collecting email addresses more secure and streamlined.


One can build a relevant Twitter community by following and getting followed by users whom they share similar interest. Engaging with one’s followers lays an excellent platform to create opportunities for making your followers share content, share their positive experiences with others as well as making purchases. This works to build a useful user base that one can use in their Twitter marketing campaign.

Product Card

Product cards offer the online retailers to display their products on Twitter. They give an opportunity to business people and companies to show off their products to their targeted Twitter audience. A product card provides one with capacious space to display their products and a description of 200 characters on the key features of the product as well as its price. Once the users click on the product card, they are directed to your website to make the purchase of the item.

App Engagements or Installs

The app installs are ideal for brands that have a mobile application they want to encourage Twitter users to download. This app card is a great opportunity for developers and marketers to get their mobile application get known to Twitter users and drive installs. Application installs provide one with ample space for a title, brief description of the application as well as showing various aspect of the application such as price and its rating. The compatibility of the App with iPhone, Google Play apps, and iPad makes it attractive and user-friendly.

The Bottom Line

The above Twitter Ads has revolutionized the marketing and advertising of products as well as making the advertisement much more personalized. The variety of Twitter Ads provides one with an option that suits your advertising needs ranging from objective-based campaigns to custom-made ads. Get the most out of your Twitter advertising and marketing by utilizing these Twitter Ads.


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