With over 100 million daily active users, 9,000 snaps shared per second, and 400 million snaps shared per day. Snapchat is by far one of the fastest-growing and most active social media networks available today. Snapchat has the ability to adapt and update their platform daily which is something that separates them from every other platform. Snapchat is a place where people can share what they are doing, when and where they are doing it. More and more celebrities are taking advantage of Snapchat, most notably DJ Khaled (?). However, businesses can take advantage of this wonderful social platform as well! Here is how…


#1) Real Time (Live) Social Media

Snapchat is the ideal live marketing platform, mainly because it gives its viewers live content from any given event at any given time. Snapchat can be used at concerts, sporting events, product launches, debates, fashion shows, and any other events that have a live quality aspect. There’s something about live events that the public loves. If bits and pieces of the event can be streamed through this platform then people will tune in.

Sporting Event Snap

(Milwaukee Brewers’s Snapchat)


#2) Giveaways, Promos, and Contests

Who doesn’t love a good social media giveaway?! Think of promotions, contests, and giveaways to have your fan base tuning in time and time again. For example, California based clothing company Young & Reckless updates their Snapchat daily and shows off their new products that will be in stores and online in the upcoming days. They have also been known to post promo codes for discounted clothing on Snapchat, which makes the viewers more inclined to purchase the product.


(Young & Reckless’ Snapchat)


#3) Behind the Scenes!

Snapchat allows for you to provide live, behind-the-scenes visuals to your viewers. This is incredibly beneficial when trying to engage your audience. Again, the public loves live entertainment! Snapchat has captured everything from the after party at the Video Music Awards to behind the scenes at late night talks shows. Anything is possible when using Snapchat in this capacity. These types of Snapchat stories engage audiences incredibly well because they allow you to see what is happening before or after the event actually happens!


(DJ Khaled’s Snapchat)


#4) One-Of-A-Kind Distinct and Private Content

Snapchat can also be used to post distinct content that would not be as beneficial on other social platforms. For example, behind the scenes at a fashion show, interviews, or coverage of a sporting event is a very unique type of content that would be very highly regarded by a specific group of viewers.


(New York City Football Club’s Snapchat)


#5) Partnerships!

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat provides an opportunity to collaborate and partner with other social media influencers. The more this is done, the more awareness, reach, and engagement your Snapchats will receive. There are a lot of skilled Snapchatters out there that can make incredible images and video content. By doing this posts are more and more likely to go viral, and in turn enhance the brand awareness of your company.




All in all, Snapchat is an incredible platform that allows for you to have a direct connection with your viewers through posting unique daily content. Snapchat offers authenticity and brand narrative, which can have a huge impact for your audience. Snapchat can not only directly promote your brand, but can reinforce your brand with live, real-time marketing!


About Nicholas Becker

Nick Becker is an Account Executive at Social Vantage. He works with a wide range of clients ranging from those in the fashion and fitness industry to local car washes around the country. Nick uses his creativity and demographic targeting skills to drive leads, sales and brand awareness for his clients. Nick graduated with a degree in Public Relations from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. He captained Division I La Salle University in soccer and thoroughly enjoys going to his beach house in Sea Isle City, NJ.