1. Summer Slimdown Facebook Promotion

A slimdown Facebook promotion is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape for the spring and summer season. Since you’re trying to attract new members to your gym, the “Summer Slimdown” would be a unique program that a coach or trainer at your gym would put together for your members to experience fast weight loss and a have toned summer body.

Most people like to start their weight loss goals at the start of the new year continued all the way until the start of the summer season. Marketing this as a special ‘6-month high-intensity program’ that is different from the regular class workouts, would entice new members to sign up for six months at a special price and once they are hooked and love the results they see they would sign up for a long-term commitment to your gym (12 months).

Getting individuals to act towards achieving a goal when they are thinking about it the most, like the new year, would get the most amount of participation.

3 Factors That Will Make The Campaign Work:

It’s top of mind – The New Year.

Has a start date and end date – Clear timeline for the individual to reach their goal.

It’s cyclical – you can do the same promotion every year to attract more new members.


2. Free Training Day

Use your gym website to create a landing page where non-members can sign up to receive a free training class / day at the gym to entice them to sign up for a membership. When they sign-up to get the free class you, you will have their information to provide them with more information even after they claim their free training. (This will help you with your email list building as well)

But don’t worry, if they don’t sign-up right there and then you can always provide them with on-going valuable content via Facebook, Twitter and Email.



3. Offer a one-week pass for new check-ins via Facebook

Everyone is constantly on their cell phone, so why not offer a one-week free pass for new check-ins via Facebook?

You can promote your offer via Facebook ads to people who are on their mobile phone. You will get their interest with them with a free week of workouts and make sure you send them a discount as a follow up to the offer.



4. Feature a Gym member every week or month

Do you have exceptional gym members that are working super hard to reach a goal? Of course you do! 

Make your members feel special by featuring a member of the week or month on your website and social media accounts.

Everyone likes to be recognized and there is no better way to keep your members happy than them knowing their personal trainers and coaches are paying attention.

Take a photo of your special member during or after a workout, share why they are so spectacular and recognize them on your digital channels. Want to take it one step further, create special t-shirts that has a special saying or acronym on them. These shirts can not be given to everyone but it has to be earned. Only featured members get to have them.

Fitness marketing is not only about attracting new members but keeping your current members happy.



5. Weight loss Challenge

You can test a lot of different fitness marketing campaigns but one thing that will bring members together is weight loss. Whether this be a group or individual effort a weight loss campaign with a start date, end state, weight goals and coaches to help the individuals along the way will get members and even non-members on board.

When it comes to a weight loss challenge you don’t just have to limit it to your members. Make the challenge open to everyone for a fee. You can give current gym members a discount since they will be paying extra to be part of the challenge.

A weight loss challenge accomplishes two great things. It helps members reach their goals and it gets non-members in your gym.


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