Social media has gradually woven itself into the fabric of our lives. Earlier it was just a medium to stay connected with friends and family, but now, it has also become a prime source for businesses to generate leads and create brand awareness. This revolution assisted the transit of manual business structure to digital, allowing business owners to advertise brands and even sell on social media channels through intangible means.

Social media will enable you to incorporate intensive marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market. In particular, 53% of social media users in the United States are active on Instagram, making it a highly effective platform for finding potential leads and prospects. Continue reading the article to find the best organic tactics to collect quality leads on the platform and leverage Instagram marketing to its full potential.

     1. Use Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Instagram lead ads are the most straightforward way to generate leads on the platform. They allow you to collect customer information, such as phone numbers, birthdates, and email addresses to improve direct marketing campaigns.

You’ll need a Facebook page connected to the Instagram Business Account to create these ads. Once done, create customized ads for your campaign using Facebook Ad Manager. Under settings, choose lead generation as your marketing objective.

While using Facebook to create ads, ensure your creative is in accordance with Instagram ad specifications for it to run effectively on Instagram. For instance, add a pre-filled section to your forms, as Instagram can use information from customer accounts to pre-fill full name, number, email address, gender to encourage more people to complete the forms.

     2. Add Action Buttons to Your Profile

You can add an action button to your Instagram Business Account to encourage more clicks and action for your brand. For example, you can add a link to your email, business address, or phone number in your bio so people can contact your business quickly. In addition, you can add Book Now, Reserve, and Order Food action buttons to generate leads.

To add an action button, go to your account page, click Edit Profile, then tap Contact Options, and there you can select Add an Action Button. Choose the appropriate button and the provider, and then add your URL to complete the process.

     3. Add a ‘Swipe Up’ Feature On Instagram Stories

Swipe up feature on Instagram is a great way to maximize clicks and conversions by letting people incorporate business links in Instagram Stories. If you have the required 10,000 followers on your business account, use this feature to your advantage. A vast majority of Instagram users watch brand stories all the way through, meaning the swipe up feature can be an effective strategy to incite people’s curiosity and convince followers to find out more about your brand.

Use the swipe up feature to publicize your discounted prices, promotion, services, and incentives while utilizing this tool to build a marketing strategy. To add the link to Instagram Stories, tap the plus icon by your profile, upload your content, click the chain icon and finally, add the link to your landing page.

     4. Partner With Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is an effective lead-generation strategy on Instagram today. Choose an influencer with strong brand relevance, target audience, and partial network overlap for better reach and content propagation across diverse social networks.

An influencer with a good fan base can strongly influence your target audience’s purchase decision. Collaborate with them to promote your product, services, and brand through them. Make sure to give the influencer a link to your lead-generation landing page, not your website’s home page.

     5. Run an Instagram Contest

The Instagram contest is another creative way to gain leads by asking followers to complete a quiz or comment on posts and tag a few friends for a chance to win an exclusive item. The tag-a-friend strategy broadens your brand’s reach and generates more leads.

However, conducting giveaway contests on Instagram can be tedious. They involve replying to people’s queries and reviewing thousands of submissions to pick a winner. To run giveaways better, use software that keeps all entries on a centralized platform so you can easily select a winner. Such applications can also help you distribute rewards, collect customer email addresses and relevant information, and monitor.

    6. Feature Popular Products

Instagram suggests that users check the Insights tab regularly and find popular products. To build your brand’s credibility, post popular content regularly so consumers view them constantly on the insights tabs and eventually build confidence in your brand. Once they rely on your business, create more opportunities and products for them.

Make posts regularly about your products and service’s benefits, and post them at the right time and in innovative formats. Try to design professional posters to publicize on your Instagram and tailor the content professionally to attract leads. Instagram allows you to pin your important posts at the top of your page to generate more engagement, leads, or sales by highlighting your best content.

    7. Set Reminders for Product Launches

In 2019, Instagram introduced the Product Launches feature for businesses to build anticipation in audiences, allowing them to set reminders for new product launches. Features include Product Launch tags that can be used across Reels, Instagram Feed, Stories, and Live, which show the launch dates and details about the product.

Product Launch Stickers and countdowns are used on stories that people can tap to set reminders when the product drops. Shoppers may also receive reminders through notifications in the activity tab. In addition, you can pull product-focused pages on Instagram and get relevant information about the products, such as pricing and product descriptions. Businesses have the opportunity to reach new users using product launches by getting products in front of the Instagram shop tab, featuring upcoming and past product launches.


Social media is a highly effective resource for generating leads when utilized correctly. Reboot your Instagram with business marketing strategies and gain quality leads. Instagram ads are an easy marketing option if you create ads following Instagram’s style. It takes time to master techniques to effectively generate leads on Instagram, so give yourself time to understand your audience’s preferences and how you can use them to your advantage.

A good landing page is a must for an effective digital marketing strategy on Instagram, where people can find more information about your brand and sign up for your offerings. Create a dedicated, mobile-friendly one with persuasive layouts and videos to make visitors interact.
When preparing your next lead generation campaign, consider the above strategies to increase your chances of attracting high-quality leads toward your business. Pre-schedule popular Instagram product-featuring posts for every day to successfully drive potential customers through the sales funnel. Be sure to reach out to us if you want experts to manage your business’s social media.

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