Case Study – Nature’s Own Essence

About Nature’s Own Essence Natures Own Essence is quickly becoming one of the top leaders in the essential oils market. Nature’s Own Essence is committed to helping people thrive, survive and blossom under increasingly challenging and stressful modern day life circumstances. They are continually searching out and researching additional products to add to their catalog that will provide people with the kind of tranquility and peace of mind that is represented by their repertoire of therapeutic grade and purity controlled essential and pressed oils.


After taking a close look at their competitors social media presence, Natures Own Essence knew that they needed to dive in and fully take their social media marketing efforts to the next level. Prior to approaching us to manage their social media, Natures Own Essence used social media to release company updates, press releases and engage with their customers here or there, but they never fully took their essential oils product line to the social media marketplace.

With Natures Own Essence being in a competitive market and with their competitors miles ahead of them, ew knew that it would be a challenge for us to break into this marketplace on social media. We knew the biggest challenge going into this market was capturing the attention of the individuals who love essential oils and would be interested and open to welcoming a new brand into the social media space.

Nature’s Own Essence Facebook Page

Nature’s Own Essence Twitter Page

One Month: 60+ Stories Created, 10 Advertisements, 100% Dedication.


The approach for Natures Own Essence social media strategy consisted of a few different areas overall: Content, ads, community outreach, on-channel interaction and more. We knew in advance that the essential oils market on social media was competitive and that we really needed to connect on an organic level with our audience in order to fully capture our piece of the market. We wanted to help Natures Own Essence connect with their target audience on social media to increase brand awareness, generate more sales and offer a better customer support system. We used a combination of strategic educational-engaging content and specific advertising campaigns for this project.

Content Creation

Educational-Engaging Post: (15 Likes, 15 Shares)
This post is an “Educational-Engaging” styled post we used for Nature’s Own Essence. This type of post is designed to capture good engagement from the fans, while also educating them on a specific topic in the industry.

Educational Styled Post: (10 Likes, 1 Comment 17 Shares)
This post is an “Educational” styled post we used for Nature’s Own Essence. This type of post is designed to educate the fans on a specific subject or trending topic within the industry. This keeps fans coming back to Nature’s Own Essence Facebook page for more information on the subject and positions Nature’s Own Essence as an industry thought leader.

Facebook Advertising


After only one month, the results for Natures Own Essence were fantastic. Natures Own Essence is now receiving consistent sales through their social media channels and their audience continues to grow larger every day. After one month on our Enterprise plan, Natures Own Essence has officially captures a piece of the essentials oils market on social media. The customer and fan response has been tremendous and the Natures Own Essence brand continues to expand through more reach every day on their social media channels.
After one month of using our Facebook advertisements, Natures Own Essence is now capturing sales each day and their reach on Facebook within the last 30 days has been over 80,000 people. This amount of reach on Facebook has provided massive amounts of exposure to the Natures Own Essence brand. Within a few months Natures Own Essence will be a leader in their industry on social media. We are proud to work with such a great company and we are excited to see what the future brings for Natures Own Essence!

One Month: 5,000+ New Website Visitors, 29 Sales, 2,406 New Likes.

Natures Own Essence Likes: (October 8, 2014 November 16, 2014)


Natures Own Essence Total Reach Last 28 Days: (October 19, 2014 November 16, 2014)


Advertising Results


Facebook Web Click Campaign


Facebook Web Click Campaign


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