Case Study – Zao Organic Makeup

About Zao Organic Makeup: Zao Organic Makeup is an eco-luxury makeup brand made in Italy from 100% natural origins. Zao’s products are organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan* and internationally certified by the most prestigious worldwide agencies. Zao Organic Makeup prides themselves on manufacturing sustainably crafted products that leave a low carbon footprint – consciously contributing to our planet’s conservation.


ZAO Organic Makeup approached us with the intentions of finally getting their social media channels to a level that they could be proud of. Before working with us, ZAO was embarrassed to send potential or even current customers to their Facebook page because it was completely disorganized, had no fans and frankly looked abandoned. ZAO not only wanted to use their social media channels as a great branding outlet, but they also wanted to take advantage of the different advertising options available to drive more sales to their makeup business.

512+ High Quality Posts, Complete Re-Brand, 8,000+ Organic Makeup Buyers Reached Monthly.


When our team began to brainstorm strategies for ZAO Organic Makeup, the first deliverable in line was to completely re-brand their social media channels. ZAO originally had no cover photos on their channels, they were all disorganized with mis-matching images and color schemes. To clean up their presence and keep everything congruent across all channels, we updated all of their social media channels with a more modern feel.

The next course of action consisted of implementing a strong content strategy that would receive a large amount of organic reach and engagement. ZAO did not have additional advertising budget to work with so we knew we needed to create high quality pieces of content that would trigger some strong virality within our target market. After performing a strong channel analysis we recognized that ZAO had a great chance to drive strong exposure through Google+. Our team devised a Google+ community sharing strategy that would drastically increase ZAO’s reach overall.

Content Creation

This post was a “Promotional-Engaging” styled post we used for ZAO Organic Makeup. This post was designed to acquire a large amount of engagement but also bring exposure to ZAO’s products at the same time.

Promotional-Engaging Post: (37 Likes, 4 Shares, 3 Comments)

This was a “Promotional” styled post that we created for ZAO Organic Makeup. The objective of this post was to promote ZAO’s brand and bring exposure to their products. As you can see, this post ended up being very engaging and instigated some minor virality which is great!

Promotional Post (That ended up being very engaging).

Ask and you shall receive! We asked ZAO’s fans and other pages who “Like“ ZAO Makeup to post images of themselves with ZAO’s product. This company in France decided to post an image to their page which has 3,000+ Likes!

User Generated Content!

Google+ Community Outreach & Sharing

Every Business Can Do Well On Google+, It’s All About Finding The Right Strategy For Your Brand!

These posts were posted in different makeup Communities / groups on Google+. As you can see we generated some great engagement and strong interest in ZAO’s products!

Google+ Community Engagement Posts

437% Increase In Monthly Website Traffic From Targeted Organic Makeup Buyers.

Facebook Advertising / Sponsored Posts

Facebook “Clicks To Website” Campaign
Using special “Precise” interest targeting methods, we are able to target ORGANIC Makeup buyers on Facebook.

Facebook “Promoted Post”
Using Facebook promoted posts, we are able to boost ZAO’s Facebook posts to a larger audience of only targeted organic makeup buyers.

Facebook “Like” Campaign
Using special “Precise” interest targeting methods, we are able to target ORGANIC Makeup buyers on Facebook and ask them to “Like” ZAO Organic Makeup’s Facebook page.

Facebook “Like” Campaign
We built multiple variations of Facebook Like campaigns for ZAO until we were able to get the CPL (Cost per Like) down under $0.10 per like using our precise interest targeting.


The results for ZAO Organic Makeup have been fantastic. ZAO has completely advanced their overall branding online using their social media channels. Their social media channels now receive daily interaction from people all around the world asking to buy their products. Originally, ZAO did not have any social media presence and barley any traffic being sent to their website. They now have hundreds of visitors on a daily basis viewing their website and social media channels. The overall engagement on their channels has skyrocketed, as they now receive multiple likes, shares and comments consistently on their social media posts.

The strategies we have implemented for ZAO Organic Makeup have worked tremendously. The content strategy from day 1 increased engagement on their page as well as attracted new individuals to the ZAO Makeup brand. They are one of very few makeup companies to receive daily interaction on Google+ due to our Google+ community outreach strategy. The ZAO Makeup advertisements are now reaching thousands of new people per day, bringing in new customers on a daily basis from around the world for ZAO. We are so excited to continue working with ZAO Makeup. With their brand receiving this much engagement on a daily basis, there is no limit on how far they can go!

63% Increase In Facebook Likes, 131% Increase In Engagement.

ZAO Organic Makeup’s Facebook Likes

ZAO Organic Makeup’s Total Reach: Last 28 Days

Advertising Results

Facebook Promoted Post
This is a ZAO Facebook post we promoted for only $1.00 which reached over 200+ people.