Case Study – Travers Lasik

About Travers Lasik: Dr. Travers is the most experienced LASIK doctor in the area with over 35,000 procedures performed. Along with her staff, this is the best choice for a LASIK procedure

Travers Lasik contacted Social Vantage in regards for a full digital marketing campaign including Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. Their main goal was to increase the amount of leads they were getting interested in a LASIK surgery. Travers Lasik was familiar with social advertising but had not achieved results that have equated to a positive return on investment

Service Setup > Strategy Planning > Strategy Implementation > Results Overview


Social Vantage built out a proposed strategy to present to Travers Lasik. The strategy was comprised of developing an offer that was compelling to a potential customer in search of Lasik surgery. In this case, the best compelling offer that Travers Lasik could provide while still being profitable was $1000 off of Lasik services. Social Vantage built out a one-page landing page that displayed the offer to any traffic that visited the landing page.

Landing Page Design & Development

Facebook Advertising

After setting up the landing page, we created Facebook ads and targeted people in a 25 mile radius of their office. Any Facebook ad traffic that came to the landing page but did not convert, we were retargeting with the same offer and a more personalized message saying ‘Remember Us?’. The retargeting Facebook ads had the highest conversion rate from click to lead.

After gathering all of the emails / leads, about 50% of the leads responded and booked a free consultation to come in. The other 50% we put on an email list and send periodic newsletters with other offers to spark their interest.

Let’s put it all together.


The results for Travers Lasik were fantastic. In the first 30 days of working together we had 14 leads for Travers Lasik. Of those 14 leads, 4 went ahead and committed to a $3000+ surgery.