Case Study – Thelma’s Place

About Thelma’s Place Thelma’s Place is a non-profit Alzheimer’s care center created to provide families a rest from care-giving. Thelma’s Place provides respite service focusing on individual strengths and interests, activities that cognitively stimulate and education designed to help compensate some of the memory loss attributes of Alzheimer’s, all in an environment that is built on the core values of love and hope.


Thelma’s Place approached us with the challenge of having no social media or digital presence at all. They really wanted to use social media to portray the comfortable day-to-day environment they have at their center. Thelma’s Place simply wanted to give their audience an inside look into what happens at their care center by posting high quality images and videos. At the time they had no presence at all and were having a hard time sharing the good moments they have at their care center with the rest of the world.

Thelma’s Place Facebook Page

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1,927 New Facebook Likes, 468% Increase In Reach.


We knew that Thelma’s Place wanted to use their social media channels as an avenue for more exposure to what takes place at their care center. Our team constructed a fantastic content strategy that heavily involved high quality images and high quality videos. We began to implement this strategy, posting 7 times per week. The daily posts were either a high quality image with a nice caption, a high quality video, or an article about Alzheimers to further educate our audience on the subject. Our strategy also involved kindly asking people who were familiar with Thelma’s Place to “review” the care center on their Facebook page.

Content Creation

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With Our Content Strategy, The Average Page Post Engagement Increased By 234% For Thelma’s Place.

Facebook Video Marketing

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The results for Thelma’s Place have been great! Since we began working with them, their overall engagement has skyrocketed due to the content strategy we implemented with them. Their video and photo posts are now reaching over 2,000 people each post, with most of them engaging with the content.

Thelma’s Place wanted to use their social media channels to interact with their audience and more importantly, make the family members who could not be “on site” feel as though they actually are on site using video and image marketing. Thelma’s Place is one of the few care centers that are now performing very well on social media, we are so excited to continue working with Thelma’s Place and watching their audience grow even further!

13,000 People Reached Each Month, 1,927 New Page Likes, Page Post Engagement Up 234%

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