Case Study – The Hay Manager

About The Hay Manager: The Hay Manager is a farm equipment manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing farm equipment dealing with hay. Their most popular products are bale feeders which are used to feed livestock.


The Hay Manager hired Social Vantage for Facebook advertising services. Their main objective was to increase the amount of leads that were funneling into their company. The Hay Manager had no previous experience or data from Facebook as they never used the social channel before. We knew from the beginning this was going to be a challenge since The Hay Manager never used Facebook and they are also in a relatively small niche (Targeting Farmers) in regards to Facebook advertising. Nevertheless, we were still able to drive The Hay Manager 147 high quality leads for their $1,000 product.

Over 147 Leads For $1,000 Product in under 60 Days


The Hay Manager’s main goal was to receive more inbound leads for their round bale product which retails for $1,000.00. After the in-depth onboarding call, our team hit the drawing board to develop a strategy that would give us the opportunity to put Hay Manager’s product directly in front of farmers who have livestock. After we knew exactly WHO we were going to be targeting, our team then moved into WHAT we would be targeting these people with in regards to an incentive or offer. After discussing offers with Hay Manager’s team. We all decided a “5% Off” offer as well as a “Speak to the owner / manufacturer” call to action would be the advertisement and landing page copy.

After we decided who we would be targeting and what offer we would be presenting, we then began to build out multiple ad campaigns. We began to split test everything from job title to interests. One of the biggest keys to our targeting for this campaign was narrowing our GEO-targeting down to the state level (Geologically targeting people by where they live in the United States based on their State).

Landing Page Design & Development

Facebook Targeting Preperation

We broke down interests on Facebook that would be tailored towards The Hay Manager’s target audience. We also narrowed our targeting to the state level for GEO-Targeting.

Geo-Targeting (Targeting By State)

Facebook Interest Targeting

Facebook Advertisements (Copy & Creative)

Our team built our multiple Facebook advertisements for The Hay Manager split testing many variables. One of the main variables we split tested was Mobile ads versus Desktop ads.

Facebook Ad: Desktop Newsfeed Placement

Facebook Ad: Mobile News Feed Placement


Within 60 days, The Hay Manager received more lead than they have ever received before. Within 2 months, the Social Vantage team working on Hay Manager acquired over 147 quality leads. The Hay Manager received more calls and inquiries requesting information about their product through our Facebook advertising campaigns than any other form of marketing they had done in the past. For a full breakdown of our strategy see the video below for more information.