Case Study – Slim Plate System Review

About Slim Plate SystemSlim Plate is a 4 Stage Weight Loss system that helps people slim down in Just 4 Months and all while eating real food. The Slim Plate System is known for being the new Doctor designed complete weight loss program in a box.


When Slim Plate decided to move forward with us for social media management, we knew that there would be an uphill challenge to market them effectively on social media. Being in the fitness / weight loss industry, we knew it would be tough since weight loss is arguable one of the most competitive niches online today. After Slim Plate managed their own social media marketing for about 1 year, they were able to capture 13,000 likes on their Facebook business account. In most cases that would be impressive, but in the weight loss industry, they were still far behind everyone else. Our team knew that managing the social media for Slim Plate would be challenging, but we had full confidence in our proven strategies to execute a great campaign for their social media. The main challenge for Slim Plate was really gaining enough of a following to be taken seriously in the weight loss market. We had the strategies in place, we knew who we were trying to reach and we were excited to launch.

370+ Stories Created, 30+ Advertisements, Proven Strategy.


The approach we took for Slim Plates social media strategy was heavily focused on Facebook. We are very experienced in the fitness / weight loss niche so from the start we knew that Facebook would be the best performing social media channel for Slim Plate. Once we made the decision to push Slim Plates Facebook above the other channels, we decided to plan out multiple campaigns for their brand. We built, managed and monitored 5-7 ads per month with multiple split tests and re-builds in the process until we were able to get the cost per click and cost per like down below $0.15 per click or like. Once we had the ads in place that we could scale, we pushed more budget into those ads.

On the content side of the strategy, we knew we were competing with multiple other weight loss brands so we needed to make Slim Plate stand out from the other brands. We were able to accomplish this by not being heavily promotional about their own products. The content strategy consisted of educating their audience with high quality content on how to stay fit and eat healthy. This fully captured the trust of their audience and gave us the opportunity expand rapidly with the brand. Once the ads were up and ready to scale, they started to gain massive virality, which in return turned into major organic exposure for Slim Plate.

Content Creation

Educational-Engaging Post: (69 Likes, 53 Shares)
This post is an “Educational-Engaging” styled post we used for Slim Plate. This type of post is designed to capture good engagement from the fans, while also educating them on a specific topic in the industry.

Educational Styled Post: (167 Likes, 8 Comment 134 Shares)
This post is an “Educational-Engaging” styled post we used for Slim Plate. This type of post is designed to capture good engagement from the fans, while also educating them on a specific topic in the industry.

Google+ Community Outreach & Sharing

NO Businesses Do Well On Google+ . We Disagree!

Working With Social Vantage Has Been A Complete Success For Us. The Team At Social Vantage Learned Our Business And Target Audience Fast And Delivered It Right. In Under 6 Months, We Have Seen Greater Success With Their Strategies Compared To What We Were Trying To Do In-House For The Past Year. Connor, Our Dedicated Account Manager, Is Absolutely Excellent. He Is Sophisticated In Getting Our Fans Involved And Engaged With The Conversation. It Was A Great Decision For Us To Hire Social Vantage Rather Than Keep It In-House. It Has Saved Us Tons Of Money And Time. If You Are Looking To Save Money And Time While Working With True Professionals, Hire Social Vantage. Dr. Myo Nwe

Facebook Advertising

Slim Plate Facebook Desktop Ads

Slim Plate MobileĀ Ads


The results on Slim Plates social media marketing campaign have been spectacular. Over a 6 month period, Slim Plates website traffic increased over 150% with over 15,000 new website visitors. Their Facebook page likes increased 21,126 and they are now bringing in many sales consistently everyday.
The content strategy we used for Slim Plate launched Slim Plate into an organic virality pipeline. Friends of friends of friends started to like the page based on the educational and engaging styled content we were pushing out. The advertisements scaled to thousands of website visitors and new likes each month. Overall, Slim Plate is now a good competitor on social media in the weight loss industry. Our strategies not only took their social media to the next level, but also their business.

100,000+ New Website Visitors, 1,000+ Sales, 21,126 New Facebook Likes.

Slim Plate System FB Likes: (January 28, 2014 November 16, 2014)


Slim Plate System Total Reach Last 28 Days: (October 19, 2014 November 16, 2014)


Advertising Results

Facebook Web Click Campaign


Two Facebook Like Campaigns


Facebook Page Like Campaign