Case Study – Marla’s Fashions

About Marla’s Fashions: Marla’s Fashions is a one stop shop for the perfect wedding, prom and semi-formal dress.


Marla’s Fashions reached out to Social Vantage because they were having a hard time driving traffic to their website and increasing the overall awareness for their brand. Marla’s Fashions’ main goals were to drive more website traffic and increase their presence on their social media channels, specifically Facebook where most of their sales and customer base originates from.

193% Increase in Website Traffic in 30 Days


The Social Vantage team knew Marla’s Fashions wanted to increase the traffic to their website, so our main goal was to develop a scalable strategy to drive targeted traffic to Marla’s Fashions website and maintain the quality of the traffic. We wanted to start with the lowest barriers to entry. We asked the team at Marla’s Fashions what their most popular products were and they responded with the bridesmaids and wedding dresses. Our plan was to build specific adverts for these two target markets and serve quality Facebook newsfeed advertisements to the targeted audiences on a daily basis.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Push

We split tested Facebook Desktop Ads against Mobile ads. The audience responded much better to our mobile ads, so we moved forward primarily with mobile ads.


The results for Marla’s Fashions were tremendous! After only 30 days Marla’s Fashions website traffic more than doubled from our Facebook advertising efforts! We grew Marla’s Fashions from 2,000 Facebook Likes to more than 12,000 Page Likes. Marla’s Fashions had a major spike in Sales and is continuing to run Facebook advertisements as well as Instagram advertisements with major success!

Video Walkthrough