Case Study – Fitwall

About Fitwall: Fitwall is a health club franchise that offers the most fun and effective studio fitness experience. Fitwall’s group classes consist of 40 minutes of results-oriented high intensity interval training.


Fitwall Corporate contacted Social Vantage in regards to social media advertising for multiple franchise locations across the United States. Their main goal was to drive more leads (Foot traffic in the door) and increase sales at a few current locations and also brand new locations that had just opened. Fitwall was familiar with Facebook advertising and had run a few campaigns of their own before they began working with Social Vantage. Unfortunately, the results Fitwall was receiving on their own were not up to par and were bringing in very little to NO leads at all on a monthly basis. That is when they decided to call Social Vantage. The team at Social Vantage implemented an extensive Facebook advertising strategy that began to capture high quality leads non-stop for Fitwall.

Service Setup > Strategy Planning > Strategy Implementation > Results Overview


Fitwalls’ main goal was to drive high quality leads to their business that would ultimately sign-up for a monthly plan. First, the Social Vantage team built out a campaign idea to present to Fitwall. The campaign idea is basically the incentive we would use to get more people “In the door” for Fitwall. After speaking with Fitwall, we decided to move forward with a “First Class Free” offer to entice our target audience to give Fitwall a no-obligation, risk free trial run. We built out a one-page web-form (Landing Page) that clearly displayed the offer for our audience. The results for this campaign were simply phenomenal.

Landing Page Design & Development

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

We split tested Facebook Desktop Ads, Facebook Mobile ads and Instagram Ads. The audience responded much better to our Facebook Mobile Ads and Instagram ads so we moved forward primarily with Facebook Mobile ads and Instagram ads.

Facebook Desktop News Feed Advertisement

Facebook Mobile News Feed Advertisement

Instagram News Feed Advertisement

Service Setup > Strategy Planning > Strategy Implementation > Results Overview


The results for this ONE Fitwall location were fantastic. In 3 months we generated this location 339 leads alone. Of those 339 leads, 15% of them (50 people) moved forward for a monthly membership generating them over $7,000.00 in recurring monthly membership revenue!

Video Presentation of Results