An Overview of Facebook Insights

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Facebook insights are basic statistics offered by Facebook to track the performance of your Facebook page. The new feature offers a deeper look at how people are interacting with different brands on Facebook by examining various content regarding brands as well as the admins of the Facebook page. There are numerous things you can look… Read more »

4 Tips On How To Increase Google Plus Followers

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With an active user base of over 550 million people and more than one billion registered users, it has become vital for businesses to incorporate Google plus into their marketing niche. Moreover, its business friendly features and its unique ability to improve search engine ranking are additional incentives to join the platform. Therefore, using this… Read more »

Get More Twitter Followers

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Now with more 550 million active twitter users, the twitter platform is an open and easily accessible marketing and advertising opportunity for your company. Basically, social media is among the easiest ways of marketing your company online. Twitter allows you to post or publish some brief messages to anybody who follows you. Increasing your company’s… Read more »

How To Build Effective Twitter Ads

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There is no doubt that the internet has become a game changer as far as selling and marketing of products and services are concerned. Even the smallest of marketers do find a big difference when they decide to promote their products or services online. Online marketing has moved on quite rapidly and today the powerful… Read more »

Social Media Consultants – How They Help Businesses Generate More Leads

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Social media marketing is rapidly becoming a basic component of marketing strategy. Business owners can consider social media consultancy for tips and professional advice on how to come with a social media strategy to market their brands. Social media efforts generate more exposure for business and increase traffic which can be converted into leads with… Read more »

Real Estate Lead Generation Using Facebook Advertising

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Are you a real estate professional struggling to generate new qualified leads using social media? Are you a condominium, apartment complex or home community struggling to find new tenants? Facebook advertising is your solution.  As of January 2015, Facebook is the most advanced advertising platform compared to the other social networks. Marketers and most advertisers… Read more »